The Cretans

Moments of Cretan villagers

when tradition falls in love with emotions

  • George Dryjohn Official Ricoh Imaging (Pentax) Ambassador Greece & Cyprus
  • Country of Origin:
  • Camera:
    Pentax K1II
  • Lens:
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography


Professional Freelance Photographer residing in Heraklion, Crete. I am the Official Ricoh (Pentax) Grand Ambassador in Greece and Cyprus. For the past few years, I have been a charity photographer in Greece as well as abroad. I am the founder of Photoaid Greece, a group active throughout Greece on a voluntary basis. My photographic motivation and goal is to capture the moment in image, just as it is emotionally expressed.

I studied photography at Athens Art studio and at Creativelive, and I obtained different specializations from acclaimed photographers, such as Marios Theologis (commercial & portraits), Stilianos Papardelas (street photography), Andrew Billington (social photography), Lucas Vassilikos (people & arts), Maro Kouri (photojournalism) and others.

I also studied body language and Interior design


‘The Hour of Pan”
Eikon Films, Germany
Still Photographer
Lightning assistant
1,5-month duration at Chania and Sfakia region


"Your Real Estate Photography" Workshop
Organizer: Shortstay Conference Greece

-“Story on a plate”
• Food & Photography workshop. (2 days)
• Organizer: Taste Academy IEK, Ηράκλειο Κρήτης.

• Pentax Workshop, organized by Greek Photography Institution (EFE) in Heraklion.

• Food and drink Commercial Photography (level 1) organized by The Black Book Hospitality Moderators in Heraklion Crete.


• “(Ι)sland” Collective photographic exhibition (Athens) with the participation of distinguished photographs from the Panhellenic photography competition of the same name. Curator: IFocus Photo Gallery.
• The Art of social media. Collective photographic worldwide exhibition (Vasiliki Saint Marc, Heraklion) Curator: Imonline.

• Photografistas II. Collective photographic exhibition (Thessaloniki-Ioannina-Athens and elsewhere) Organized by: P31.
• Trust me I am a photographer. Collective photographic exhibition (Athens) Curator: Ifocus.
• Childhood moments. Collective photographic exhibition (Volos, Tsalapata) Curator: G Makridis.
• Perspectives (Athens, Trii art) Curator: P. Kasimis.
• One Oeuvre, Personal Exhibition. Hacienda Café, Heraklion. Curators: Giorgos Xirogiannis.
• The Guests. Exhibition of Street Art Photography of young refugees. Heraklion, Vikelea Public
Instructor/curator : Giorgos Xirogiannis.
• Life in my hands. Personal Exhibition. (Heraklion, Vikelaia Public Library) Curator: IFocus Athens.
• Support, Curator of the Pan-Cretan anti-war collective photographic exhibition with the support of the Municipality of Heraklion. Loggia, Heraklion.
• “What is summer for you”. Collective photographic exhibition (Athens) with the participation of distinguished photographs from the Panhellenic photography competition of the same name. Curator: IFocus Photo Gallery.


 Distinction in the national photographic contest (I) sland organized by Ifocus into the world of photography.
 Second place in the B&W International photo contest of Black and White photography group UK (competition: minimal art graphic abstract)
 Second place in the national photographic contest “Photometria” with the theme “mental health”.
 Distinction in the international Pentax users competition (Pentaxians Yearbook 2020) and participation in the album.
 Second place in the audience awards in the category ‘storytelling’ (competition: The art of social media international photo contest).
 Distinction in the International photo contest The Art of social media organized by Imonline.

 My photos are regularly selected by and featured in well known photographic websites.
 My photo album HANDS ON was rendered into a dance-drama performance with the same title. organized by NotForSale.
 Photographic feature story for the magazine ‘Wedding and Baptism’ (issue: March 2020)
 Photo cover Pentaxians Ricoh Imaging yearbook 2019 organized by Ricoh Imaging.
 “Thessaloniki in 45 pictures”. Distinction award for a street photography at a Panhellenic Photographic Project organized by Athens Voice.


• Presentation of my photographic work as Official Pentax (Ricoh imaging) grand ambassador organised by Greek Photographic Society of Crete.
• Shooting people-Helping people (volunteerism and photography) organized by the evening high school of Heraklion.
• Photography & Mental States., Presentation of portraits - speech at the Venizeleio-Pananeio Hospital on the World Day for Mental Health.
• Shooting people-Helping people. Presentation of my work and speech on photography and volunteerism at the Serbian Belgrade refugee camp.
• Shooting people-Helping people Presentation of work and speech on photography and volunteerism at the Greek Photographic Society, branch of Chania.
• Member of Notforsale Art Net (
• «The man behind the mask» Participation in the creation of an album.
Agency: KETHE ARIADNI (unit for people with psychiatric comorbidity) Heraklion


-Sunrise at the fish market of Keratsini – newspaper Athens Voice (Link)
-With eyes turned on the orchard of Virgin Mary, Mount Athos – New York Hellenic daily news (
-Mount Athos- newspaper Athens Voice (


The New Hellenic Times
IFocus (Link)
E-stories Kritis(Link)
Made with love ANDRIANI KRITI TV (Link)

• “An holistic approach in photography” organized by IEK (Institute of Vocational Training) OMIROS and presented by Marios Theologis.
• “Photography in research journalism and in documentaries” organized by IEK OMIROS and presented by Marios Theologis.

• “Artistic photography” held in Heraklion, Crete and presented by Lucas Vassilikos.
• “Introduction in artistic photography” in Archanes Crete presented by Marios Theologis (Photographer)
• Still Life- Food and drink Commercial Photography organized by Orama studies in Athens and presented by Maro Kouri(Photojournalist)
• “Lightroom advanced’’ held in Athens and presented by Vaggelis Liolis (Graphic Designer).
• “Food and drink commercial photography” - Still Life organized by IFocus in Athens and presented by Konstantinos Delhas (Photographer).
• “Lightroom advanced” organized by IFocus in Athens and presented by Aris Loukissis (Photographer)

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