The Cop Within

Taxi driver Eyüp learns that his passenger has asked him to drive to kill his own wife during a midnight journey. Eyüp contemplates how to act as a cab driver, seeking the path of safety and justice.

Eyüp is a meticulous taxi driver, committed to performing his job with great care. However, one night, a journey with his passengers, Kerim and his nephew Sait, deeply affects him.
This is because Kerim feels justified enough to confess that he is on his way to murder his own wife. Sait, in such a situation, refuses to leave his uncle's side. Kerim explicitly claims responsibility for his actions, revealing his weapon and paying the fare upfront to show that he means no harm to Eyüp.
Consequently, Eyüp finds himself torn between being an accomplice to a crime and fulfilling his duty as a taxi driver to take his passenger wherever they wish to go. Every decision he makes raises significant concerns about how to ensure his own safety in the process.

  • Erdal Baran Şahin
  • Erdal Baran Şahin
  • Arda Eren
  • Erdal Baran Şahin
  • Savaş Emrah Özdemir
    Key Cast
    About Dry Grasses (2023) Nuri Bilge Ceylan
  • Mehmet Bilge Aslan
    Key Cast
    Suddenly (2022) Melisa Önel
  • Anıl Ateş
    Key Cast
    I Gefyra (2022) TV Mini Series
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  • Runtime:
    19 minutes 14 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 9, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    8,500 USD
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Director Biography - Erdal Baran Şahin

He graduated from Istanbul University with a degree in Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy. He completed the Creative Drama Trainer/Leader program by the Ministry of National Education at the Contemporary Drama Association. Additionally, he participated in acting workshops under the auspices of TOBAV.
He has produced projects as a playwright, actor, and director in professional theatre institutions. Furthermore, he has worked as a writer and editor for various periodicals. He provided corporate training in creative drama to personnel from brands such as Atlas Global, QNB Finansbank, Garanti Bank, and Beyaz Fırın. He has been involved in various television, film, and advertising projects as an actor and director. Later, he worked in companies serving the cinema and TV industry, handling Talent Representation and Cast Directing. On the production side, he engaged in screenplay work within the Drama department.
Leveraging his diverse professional experiences, he aims to create original cinematic works that prioritize interdisciplinary communication.

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Director Statement

Taxis, perhaps, stand as one of the most valuable domains for illuminating the dynamics, cultural, and sociological conditions of a society. Especially in Istanbul's taxis, one can encounter individuals from all walks of life, diverse cultures, and varying emotional states. The position held by the profession of a taxi driver became a motivational source, prompting me to embark on distinct narratives and projects.
Within the film's narrative, Kerim seeks refuge in the patriarchal values he believes in, justifying himself, while Sait, holding onto these values, does not hesitate to involve himself in criminal activities to construct his own masculinity. This clash forms the societal backdrop of the story, shedding light on gender inequalities and the impact of policies on individuals. Eyüp, caught amidst this attitude, finds himself at a loss for how to react, as the self-proclaimed legitimacy demands unconditional allegiance.
Meanwhile, Eyüp's course of action could potentially prevent a murder but simultaneously jeopardize his own safety. This conflict, arising from the burden of ensuring society's security falling upon a taxi driver's shoulders, yields diverse interpretations for every individual. Hence, the intention is to prompt viewers witnessing Eyüp's predicament to engage their internal detectives and consider the complexities of human dynamics, contemplating their own response if faced with a similar situation.