The Crimson Cord Collection: The Women of Faith Series

I have created a trilogy of stories based around women of faith.
Women with lots of secrets, shame and sometimes scandal…but still… lots of soul!
I wanted to share these true stories with all women of faith.
These are timeless and relatable stories which often illuminate the path less chosen…the one of faith!

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    Screenplay, Stage Play, Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Statement

My child has profound dyslexia.
We are often forced to rely on visual representations for learning.
I wanted her to see and hear the stories of these Women of Faith in film and on the screen.
The goal is to have the three screenplays made into a Faith and Family focused Mini Series.

The Crimson Cord Trilogy shares the stories of 21 Women of Faith!
These women, if given titles today, might be called cursed, barren, refugee, homeless, unclean, ignorant, prostitute, destitute, powerless or simply a man’s property.
They were ordinary women with extraordinary faith, trying to survive the many challenges of being a female in their time!
They were women with lots of secrets, shame and sometimes scandal… but lots of soul!
The women in the stories of the Crimson Cord put their hope in God against all the odds and it changed all of history… Forever.
The Writer of:
The Crimson Cord Collection: Women of Faith Collection

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I dedicate this trilogy to my Madness!