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The Comet

Following a messy breakup a young woman goes camping into the woods where, forced to disconnect from the real world, she discovers an unusual connection to a mysterious pink comet.

  • Alicja Rymarowicz
  • Alicja Rymarowicz
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    Short Script, Treatment
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    Drama, Sci fi
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Alicja Rymarowicz

Alicja Rymarowicz is a London-based Director and Editor with
five years of experience working both as an in-house Director/
Editor and as a freelancer.

Over the last few years her focus lied in commercial and
documentary work as well as music videos, which allowed her
to explore unusual and at times experimental concepts. Having
the opportunity to work with independent British musicians in
a collaborative capacity helped her develop her unique creative
voice that she is planning on developing even further in her future
narrative work.

So far her music video and documentary works have been featured in publications such as The Fader, CLASH, Atwood Magazine , VEVO and screened at national and international film festivals.

Selected work can be viewed on personal website:

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Writer Statement

In 1996 I saw the Comet Hale-Bopp flying across the evening sky. It was pointed out to me by my father on a cold winter evening and the memory of this extraordinary phenomenon has been with me to this day. The comet, often a symbol of an upcoming disaster in literature, is a bearer of change in my story. It’s a visual aftermath of the betrayal the main protagonist has experienced. A pink-reddish wound that, as the film progresses, becomes bigger and harder to ignore.

We all know the pain of losing an important relationship. A friend, a lover, a family member somehow slipping away from our life. In the aftermath of such painful experience we rarely allow ourselves the time to contemplate our true feelings often drowned in the rush and noise of everyday life. The Comet is a story about grief that comes after a loss of an important relationship. The main character M. retreats to the calming safety of the forest after a devastating end to her partnership. In her solitude she contemplates two paths: forgiveness in the name of peace or a quiet rebellion in the name of self-respect. I wanted to write a story that explores this idea of self-imposed solitude in a natural environment used as a healing experience. This story is a poetic meditation on the importance of allowing ourselves to honour our own need to grieve and ultimately make the decisions that are truly aligned with our values.

The main character deals with an overwhelming feeling of solitude and isolation. She finds comfort in an unusual pink comet that coincidentally is flying high above the trees. In my visual approach I would like to support this feeling of isolation, focusing on wide images of the forest with the main character often hidden or even fading into the surrounding flora. Keeping the comet firmly established in the background of almost every frame I’d like to spill bits of it’s pink light into the shots making sure parts of it always accompany the main character.

Inspired by Jean-Marc Vallée’s time-bending editing style in Sharp Objects I would like to put my own editing experience to work and use short flashes of memory to tell the backstory of M.’s relationship and what caused it’s ultimate failure. Keeping a minimalistic approach and use of simple, fluid camera movements I want to create a poetic film with very little dialogue making use of the striking visuals to tell the story.