Private Project

The Closet Men

On New Year's Eve, a rickety "heterogeneous" was once again besieged by bullies "school uniforms" and hurriedly hid in a luminous closet in an abandoned building. The next morning, he discovered that this magical closet could make him look like someone else. Driven by the desire for equality and love, he got into the closet time and time again. Until he was kidnapped by the campus goddess "Red Ribbon", he smashed the closet in a hurry, but was even more surprised to find that in the original beautiful world, countless "Monster" similar to him were covering himself with closet...

  • Wenyue Duan
  • Wenyue Duan
  • Xiangnan Xue
  • Zishen Zhao
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    9 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    March 21, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    6,000 USD
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Director Biography - Wenyue Duan

Wenyue Duan graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, majoring in directing (direction of performance production), and then studied at the Royal Academy of Drama and Speech, majoring in repertoire creation. Worked in the Experimental Theater Troupe of Central Academy of Drama and participated in the drama "Niu Tianci" (directed by Fang Xu, starring Guo Qilin), drama "Cai•Feng” and so on.Works: Drama "Creative Disease", short film "Creative Disease".

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Director Statement

"The Closet Man" originated from a friend of mine. His parents used him as a bond to maintain their bad marriage. He said that the most terrible thing for him in the world is not death, but eating at the table with his parents. The three of them are so reluctant that the suffocating air can break him. The so-called vulnerable children, in fact, there are some children who are ignored by the original family. When they are in danger, there is no one to rescue them; when they are tempted, there is no one to guide them. One by one, they are hesitating in their growth, lost in their exploration, and lonely in the dark to find "who should I be?" Finally, they grows up and seems to integrate into the society, but they can never answer "who am I?" In this sense, children spent their life numbly and mediocrely. Therefore, I hope that this film can arouse the attention of society and families. The invisible harm to children is the cancer that affects their life.