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The Cleaners

In the Kingdom of Tidy Up land, the only thing stopping the League of Filthy from invading is the Broomy and The Cleaners. This story follows our heroes Broomy and Dusty. A broom and dust pan cleaning supplies fighting crime in Tidy Up land. Although the war against the League of Filthy is over, Broomy and Dusty still suspect King Rubble is up to no good.

  • Jacob Henry Miles
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Jacob Henry Miles

Jacob was born in Oakland, Ca. Raised in a single parent home, jacob went against all odds and statistics surrounding his life. He studied theatre arts in Laney College and while doing so, found interest in Screenplay writing. Currently, Jacob is working hard on writing a eight episode first season of The Cleaners. A show that received exceptional praise in the screenwriting class.

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