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The Christmas Twain

"The Christmas Twain" is a female-driven rom-com fantasy paired with the historical genius of the ghost of Mark Twain in present-day (and still historic) Virginia City, NV. I'm friends with a local Twain impersonator (McAvoy Layne, Incline Village, NV) who loved the script and inspired the ghost. Logline: Childhood friends, a waitress/writer in a historic hotel, and a bookworm history professor can't reconnect over the Christmas holidays without a little help from Mark Twain's ghost in Virginia City, Nevada. [All local locations: Reno, Virginia City, Gold Hill].

  • Thomas Stohlgren
    "Twisted Vines" - story creator and co-writer.
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    United States
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  • Thomas Stohlgren
    8 & HalFilm Awards (International)
    September 4, 2022
    Best Narrative Feature
  • 8 & HalFilm Awards (International)
    September 4, 2022
    Best Original Story
Writer Biography - Thomas Stohlgren

Thomas Stohlgren, Author LLC
(970) 217-4498

Eleni Larchanidou, LLM
Literary & Talent Manager
Fully Qualified German and International Lawyer

Tom Stohlgren is an award-winning produced screenwriter, recognized novelist, and internationally renowned scientist. He's written 75 feature scripts, 12 TV Pilots, 30 TV episodes, 6 novels, and 1 play.

One of Tom's thriller scripts, "Twisted Vines," produced and directed by Jihane Mrad, recently won two awards including “Best Narrative Feature” and “Best Original Story” at the 8&1/2 International Film Festival, and the "Best Feature Film" at the Genesis International Film Festival, and “Best Feature Film” at the Wine, Women, and Film Festival (2022). It won 4 more awards on January 8, 2023, at the California Women’s Film Festival including Best Director, Best Feature Film Best Actress Vivica A Fox, and Best Supporting Actress Nikki Leigh.

His second film, "Santa's Chair," a Christmas movie, is set to begin filming in September 2023 (Maguy Cohen, Director; Joram Moreka, Producer). His third optioned script Tiny House, Big Christmas is slated for filming later this year with Joram Moreka and Jeffrey Snelling producing.

On January 12, 2023, Tom signed a Shopping Agreement for two films with Producer Autumn Bailey-Ford of Autumn Bailey Entertainment.

Tom has two credits ( [IMDB needs to be updated with two more scripts in pre-production].

Six of Tom's scripts have been optioned.

10/04/21 Stohlgren optioned his heist-thriller script "Iced" to well-known producer Tony Krantz. Details will follow.

09/30/21 Stohlgren agreed to a screenwriting assignment as a co-writer with an exceptional Peace Movement icon, Francesco Da Vinci, who has a riveting true story to tell, "I REFUSE TO KILL."

Tom has worked especially closely with many producers: Autumn Bailey-Ford (ABE Atlanta), Jihane Mrad (L.A.), Joram Moreka (L.A.), Jeffrey Sneller (NM), Lee Levinson (NY), Stanley Lozowski (NY), Madelynn Kopple (L.A.), and Art Thomas (Denver). Tom is a member of Stage 32, where he has 75 scripts posted, most with strong female and minority leads and diverse casts. He's also completed 13 TV pilot scripts, and a full series with 13 episodes completed entitled "Rainmaker."

Thanks for the opportunity.

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It's time for a new generation to be exposed to the wit and wisdom of Mark Twain in the most Christmassy of towns. It can easily and conveniently be filmed in the spring or fall which are snow-free (and off-season). Samuel Clemens was born in Missouri, but Mark Twain was born in the great State of Nevada! Thanks for the opportunity, Tom