The Choice

A father loses his memory and wakes up on the moon, in an astronaut suit and running out of air. All he has to do to save himself is give up his son's memory. Will he agree to do this? And why is he being asked to do just that?

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    Sci-Fi, Drama
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  • Second Place in the HBO Screenwriter's Contest (2013)
    Cluj, România
    June 13, 2013
    Second Place in the HBO Screenwriter's Contest
Writer Biography

Liviu Surugiu (born 1969) is a writer from outside the English-speaking world. He is editor for the foreign stories in the Romanian magazines "CSF Magazine".

Among his recent achievements, his prose was selected by The Lunar Codex project in NASA's Artemis program to be taken to the Polaris time capsule that will be buried by the Astrobotic Griffin rover on the Moon next year.

On the Earth, his fiction has appeared in ”Interzone” (UK), ”Galaxy’s Edge by Mike Resnick” (US), ”Cirsova Magazine” (US), ”Vigyan Katha” (India), ”Galaktika” (Hungary), ”Unfit Magazine” (US), ”Orion’s Belt Magazine” (US), ”Gravity City” (US), ”Tales from the Canyons of the Damned” (US), ”Supersonic” (Spain), ”Kryton” (Spain), ”Nova Sci Fi Magazine” (Germany), ”Prime Edizzioni” (Italy), ”Teoria Omicron” (Ecuador), ”Maquina Combinatoria” (Peru), ”Algernon Magazine” (Estonia), ”Short Edition” (France), and, of course, in the most important magazines and anthologies in Romania.
In Romania, Liviu Surugiu has published from 1994 to date in the most important magazines: Jurnalul SF, SuperNova, Curierul Național, Gazeta SF, Argos, Nautilus, CPSF, CPSFA-Nemira, Ficțiuni, ZIN, Helion, and has appeared in over twenty anthologies.

He received six Honorable Mention and three Silver HM from ”Writers of the Future”, Hollywood. As a Romanian science fiction author, He won forty-three different awards over a thirty years career. Other awards he has received include: Second Place in the HBO Screenwriter's Contest (2013), Best Novel of the Year 2015, Best Novel of the Year 2016, Best Short Story Collection 2016, Best Short Story of 2017, Best Story 2020, Best Short Story Collection 2022. He also published nine books in Romania over the past nine years.

Other books, by the same author:
1."IMMAN" - novel thriller (2011);
2."ATAVIC" – novel thriller (2014), Tritonic Publishing House;
3."LOVE AND DEATH FOREVER" - romance novel (2014), Tritonic Publishing House;
4." THE REMNANTS OF DREAMS" - volume of short prose (2015), Tracus Arte Publishing House;
5."ERAL" - romance and science fiction novel (2015), Univers Publishing House;
6."THIS IS MY BODY" - volume of short prose (2016), Tracus Arte Publishing House;
7."PULSAR" - volume of short prose (2017). Ed.ituraTracus Arte;
8."GIRL ON THE SILK ROAD" - volume of short prose, Polirom Publishing House, 2021;
9."SEVRAJ" - noir novel, Polirom Publishing House, 2022.

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