The Chinese Doctors

The Chinese Doctors has 9 episodes in total, each last 45 mins.

The Chinese Doctors is a humanitarian documentary about Chinese doctors. In China, more than 20 million people visit the hospital every day. The massive pressure that Chinese hospitals are facing is unmatched by any other hospital in the world, and Chinese doctors are almost expected to be super-human to be able to handle all the responsibilities.

The Chinese Doctors looks deep into different departments including obstetrics & gynecology, emergency department, oncology department, anesthesiology department, operation room and ICU in six large-scale hospitals nationwide. During its one-year filming process, the documentary put cameras on the medical staffs from various posts with different ages and experiences.

Through heart-warming and hopeful stories that focuses on the responsibilities and conflicts between the doctors and the patients, the documentary combines the medical staff’s will to save the wounded and dying, the scientificity and limitations of medical science and the complexity of human nature in fatal moments. Its authentic and touching images showcases the ideal and persistence of Chinese doctors when treating diseases and making life and death decisions, and the struggles they have to face when their decisions contradict their responsibility or even humanity.

The Chinese Doctors is co-developed by Legend Media and the Health News from National Health Commission, while Legend Media is in charge of the production.

  • Erica Zhang
  • Ya Liu
  • Erica Zhang
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  • Runtime:
    45 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    December 31, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    800 CNY
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Distribution Information
  • Legend Media
    Country: China
    Rights: All Rights
Director - Erica Zhang