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The Buddha Now

Siddhartha, who came to be known as the Buddha, would roam around near a railway station and watch the trains come and go. As a young man he loved a young woman but followed the path of wisdom through the forest to seek counsel from his teacher. He needed to resolve the question in his own mind about love and wisdom.

  • Kenneth Stephens
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    Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Kenneth Stephens

Kenneth Stephens was born in India and came to the US to study theology and philosophy. He got married and stayed in the US. He published a novel and a memoir and is now retired in Los Angeles County. He has a PHD and an MTH.

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Writer Statement

My screenplay The Buddha Now is intended to bring the Buddha to life in these modern times. Nothing but legendary material is known about him except perhaps that he left his castle and became a wandering ascetic. He finally seems to have gathered a following.