The Borkowskis

A year after their Mother’s death, three grown siblings return home to witness their Father get remarried to their Mother’s best friend. As family secrets become revealed over the weekend, the Borkowskis’ relationships are put to the test.

  • Leigh Costa
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    Comedy, Drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Leigh Costa

Born and raised in Connecticut, I have always been in love with film and television. I grasp the banality of this sentence, but I really, emphasis on really, have always loved film and TV. At 5-years-old I begged my parents to give me the movie Jaws for my birthday and I would go bonkers whenever I saw a SpongeBob marathon was on. It wasn’t until college though that I realized what exactly drew me to film and television. It was the stories that my favorite shows and movies were telling. After I took my first screenwriting class, I realized that all this time I was already concocting stories and dialogue in my head, I just wasn’t writing down yet. Movies and television are magic. Not in the flick of a wand Harry Potter type of way, but in the sense that the stories they tell enable us to illicit emotions we might not have otherwise experienced. Through the stories that screenwriters tell, we are able to empathize, to fall in love, to laugh when we are sad and to have our hearts broken and then pieced back together. Through watching television and film I fell in love with the human condition. I realized that all I wanted to do was tell stories about people and about life. I ended up majoring in film with a focus on screenwriting at the University of Miami. My screenwriting classes challenged me as a writer and while in college I wrote several spec scripts and wrote the first draft of an original feature screenplay. It was in my TV writing courses that I learned how much more in depth you can get as a writer with your characters in television compared to film. Instead of a one night stand, i.e. movies, with TV you could have a 5 year relationship, that yes maybe should have ended a year earlier, but nonetheless the first 4 years were magical. My cheesy relationship metaphor aside, TV gives you the power to truly explore a character. You are able to put them in countless new scenarios and see how they react. When I graduated college I knew that my path was to be a screenwriter and there was nothing else I could do that would bring me the same fulfillment.

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Writer Statement

My voice is raw and honest. In my writing I weave comedy and drama together in an authentic way because life isn’t black and white. When people ask me what genre I write for, I say that my genre is life. Real life is messy and intense, yet we all find ways to laugh though the pain.