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The Bodyguard / Az Életem Árán

There is no one else better than him in the business. He never failed. He always fulfilled all his commissions in a perfect way. His name almost became a legend. He considered himself as an objective and serious man and he exactly looked like that way. Nothing ever could distract his attention about his task... they paid him and he kept those people alive and save.

That was the reason why Mr. Taylor needed him. He was trustable and doesn't ask too much. He needed him to keep his eyes on his daughter. Emilia. They lost her mother in a tragic massacre and he needed to know her daughter won't get into any trouble until she married the other wealthy family son. She was of course not that easy to handle. She had her own dreams and plans for her future and that doesn't include that forced marriage.

She turns Christopher Shaw's life upside down... they were so different and meanwhile... he started to feel something for her that he shouldn't feel. She was not an option for him. She was just a job... but can he comply with the lines and resist that beauty?

  • Ablonczy Brigitta
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    Television Script, Other
  • Genres:
    Romance Action
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Writer - Ablonczy Brigitta