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The Black Mask

A wealthy young man becomes captivated by a mysterious opera singer adorned in a black mask and gloves, developing an intense obsession to unveil her appearance. As he approaches the moment of meeting her face-to-face, his initial eagerness gives way to uncertainty, questioning whether he truly desires to discover her identity.

  • Olena V Chepurna
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Olena V Chepurna

Olena Chepurna was born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Interpreter and teacher by profession, in 2014 she set up the Language School, creating her own method of teaching English through movies and screenplays.
Having an idea of language-learning sitcom and animated family movie, she enrolled in screenwriting school. Inspired by her Professor, she decided to pursue a career in scriptwriting.

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Writer Statement

I wrote this screenplay while I was studying in Central Film School in London (the class of Nico Tatarowicz) and got really inspired by the question what if….?
What if the opera singer wore a mask and nobody has ever seen her face? What is the price of success? Is it great not being recognized on the streets? Tried to answer these questions in my script.
I would appreciate the comments on the grammar because English is not my native language.
The tagline: “She lives on the stage and plays in life”.
Thank you for reading.