Up to 4 award winning feature films, from 4 LGBTQ+ film festivals will be selected and showcased on the Vacaya gay cruise Best of the Best of the Queer Fest Fest. These films will be shown on the big screen, on the outside deck of the ship, at night over the ocean Aug 12-16 out of NYC. These films will compete for best of the best of the fest fest. www.myvacaya.com This is Vacayas inaugural sailing and the first of 4 Vacaya cruise/festivals scheduled to follow. None of this is announced to guests before this first trip. It is just an offering we hope to build into something to expect in future trips.

Each selected (up to 4) filmmakers will be offered a prize of one free cabin for up to 2 people, on the August 11-18 Vacaya LGBTQ cruise where their film will be shown. We hope they will have a ton of fun cruising and getting to speak about their piece to the LGBTQ travelers onboard. No other travel expenses can be provided.

We will accept any submissions and select up to 4 winners who are able to come speak for their feature film to win the prize to cruise with us as the featured LGBTQ artists.

Any films not selected or shorts that would like to submit, will be happily considered to be programmed on the in-room TVs, on our LGBTQ indie filmmaker cctv channel on board,
There is no submission fee and no payment or prize for that content.

Overall Rating
  • Richard E Haywood

    So proud to have been selected to show here.

    November 2019
  • Great sharing with Shan Carr. Would love to work again with Vacaya!

    August 2019