Batty Mama is an inclusive, accessible, Black & Brown LGBT/QTIBPOC mixed media and arts organisation aiming to promote, facilitate and pay Black Queer artists and creatives, in an attempt to generate, and invest in, BME images, voices and stories for future generations.

The Batty Mama is Quarterly and occurs in January, April, July and October, as well as smaller events, immersive programmes and collaborations, throughout the year.

Our nights are designed, and curated, to be accessible and immersive for Black and Brown Queer folks who typically get left behind, or feel uncomfortable attending night clubs, or queer spaces. With this as our aim, we intend to give people a variety of access points on queer blackness and to have fun from Games, Performances, Projexhibitions and film projections.

The Batty Mama also co-runs, "Too Black Too Queer": An Annual shorts film showcase as part of Brixton Reel Film Festival.

We are looking for films about, centring, queer black people, identities and experiences. The films have to be subtitled. If you have audio description films please do submit them too.

All films must be subtitled, or you must be willing to create subtitles available one month before the next event.

Films must be about, and staring, Black Queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Gender Non-conforming, Asexual, Intersex & Questioning) people.

All other films will not be accepted.
Thank you for your time.