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Lilith Anacrusis and the Vampire Ruby

The Banshee escapes her enchantment with help from the betraying miniature vengeance demon Michael. Michael helps her because he believes the Banshee can help him to become his rightful size.
The Banshee seeks out and finds the strongest evil for help.
She finds Lilith, the First Evil born in this world. Lilith had a love affair with Lucifer who taught her the secrets of the Angel (magic).
Lilith teaches the Banshee all those things that are hers, including Vampirism. As she teaches her in an underground cave, they are visited by Lucifer! Within one long breath, he sends the Banshee back in time for one hundred and one years to perform the tasks of her making: an omen of death. Her home is the first to be visited.
The Banshee, with her new and improved powers and Vampirism, seeks out Lana the Wiccan for revenge.
Violating the Dragon’s Law, a dragon secretly gives Lana a Vampire Ruby which enables her to be a vampire while she wears it.
As they battle in the dragon’s realm, the Banshee is surprised by Lana’s “leveling the battlefield” Vampire Ruby.

  • Loren Ivory Morgan (Writter;s Name: Ivory Rosewood)
    The Banshee's Whisper Book Kindle
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Writer Biography - Loren Ivory Morgan (Writter;s Name: Ivory Rosewood)

Ivory Rosewood: Piano keys are made from Ivory. Well, at least they use to be until they outlawed the usage. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I agree! A good guitar fret is made from Rosewood. I am not made from Ivory, nor Rosewood, but I was born November 29th, 1965, and I can play both instruments. If I were to describe myself in one sentence, I would say, “I am a true spirit of love and kindness that just wants to have fun!” But, that is not enough, so… My mother and father were both heroin addicts and musicians. I was a heroin baby that grew up in South-Central Los Angeles. I graduated from High School and I am a College drop-out. I didn’t really speak until I was nine years old, and that’s when most of my traumatic childhood memories began. I was a misanthrope for many years because I could not (and still can’t) understand why there are mean, selfish, and plain old evil people in this world, even some of my family members fit into the latter. Suffice to say, without getting too much into a myriad of tear-jerking stories, I believed that I was born under a bad sign or cursed! I have suffered one bad experience after another and feel as though I cannot get a break in this life. When I say “break in this life,” I am not talking about becoming an instant millionaire with the lotto or something (although that would be nice!), I’m talking about with general love and family. Being homeless was horrible when you suffer from autophobia! One day, perhaps I will share in detail my life story, if I ever get the courage to relive it on paper. Nevertheless, my only solace came from (this once deemed introvert) fantasies!
“My ignorance is bliss, But, put your hand on my shoulder, Hide yourself in the mist, What you don’t know won’t hurt you. Excerpt from “Eyes of a child” song I wrote some time ago, an homage to when I was an introvert. My music reflects my creative pain and my stories are, well, in a way, every innocent character is an aspect of me, and every “bad-guy” is a person, or situation I have experienced (sometimes encoded). I read and write music and I have written so many stories. Now, I am attempting to share the fantasies of a true introvert with you. Please enjoy!

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