The Ballad of Sir Tralyne

Well I wake up in the morning
Feel like I could die
But I won’t kill myself or nobody else
Long as I take my sertraline

So I went to see my doctor
Fifty dollars for a minute of his time
He said I’ll cure your ills
With this little white pill
Shut up and take your sertraline

Somebody tell me why this world is so cold
I’m not half the man I used to be
But now I’m twice as old
What happening to my dreams
Drinks and drugs and limousines
Mama said that I was gonna be a star

I’m in love with somebody
She make me want to lose my mind
But I can’t get too close
Unless I double-dose
So I take my sertraline

People you know the story
Sometimes life can be unkind
But I won’t kill myself nor nobody else
Long as I take my sertraline

Somebody tell me why this world is so cold
I’m not half the man I used to be
But now I’m twice as old
What happening to my dreams
Drinks and drugs and limousines
Mama said that I was gonna be a star

  • Alan Boyle/ Chris Harvey
  • Blues Arcadia
    Name of Band or Artist
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Blues, Soul
  • Length:
    3 minutes 9 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 1, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
  • Australian Blues Music Awards 2017
    January 17, 2017
    Best New Talent
Artist Biography

Blues Arcadia deliver an uninhibited old-fashioned soul stomp revival, combining the legendary soul of Stax and Motown with the heat and power of the Chicago and Memphis blues.
Formed in Brisbane around the songwriting partnership of vocalist Alan Boyle and guitarist Chris Harvey with collaborators and partners-in-crime Jeremy Klysz (bass), Parmis Rose (keys) and Casper Hall (drums), they received a 2017 Australian Blues Music Award and a 2017 Australian Roots Music Award nomination for their debut self-titled EP release.
Their follow-up album Carnival Of Fools captures the sound of the band swinging from the rafters and shaking the foundations of blues and soul music - exactly as they perform live, with raw emotion and absolute conviction. Crowd favourites at festivals like Thredbo Blues, Woodford Folk Festival and Blues On Broadbeach, Blues Arcadia have now delivered a brand-new record brimful of style, passion and attitude. Reviews include 4.5 stars from The Australian Weekend Review, 5 stars from the Sunday Mail, a #5 debut on the AIR Independent Charts and a #1 debut on the Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Charts.
Nobody in this band is just along for the ride. These are five strong individual personalities working together to create something uniquely exciting. It’s almost impossible to choose which of them to watch and engage with during a show, where each player directs their energy into the most important thing – the Song, making it the best it can be. That is the power of Blues Arcadia.

“The first full-length album for Brisbane’s Blues Arcadia finds the accomplished five-piece at the height of their powers.” – Phil Stafford, Courier Mail

"An impressively accomplished debut album... Blues Arcadia exudes all-round excellence" - Tony Hillier, Weekend Australian Review

"This is what a 21st century blues band should sound like - a howling celebration of what it is to make music now" - Mark Doherty, Nothin' But The Blues, 4ZZZ 102.1FM

"Damn good songwriting across a range of styles, allied to some quality musicianship from all concerned."- Iain Cameron, Blues Matters Magazine

"A highlight of the performance is the interplay between main songwriters Alan Boyle and guitarist Chris Harvey, with musical counterpoint from Parmis Rose (keys) and bassist Jeremy Klysz" - COURIER MAIL QWeekend

“Next time they’re playing, make sure you see them.” SCENESTR Magazine

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Artist Statement

This song is tongue-in-cheek but the message is serious. Thankfully it's becoming easier to talk about mental health these days, particularly in the music industry. Pretty much everybody in this band struggles while trying to balance a music career and family and everything else that life can throw at us, but we've been able to support each other through some bloody horrible times over the years. It's never a comfortable thing to talk about but there's no shame in needing help when times are hard, and there's plenty of us on the same road