The Backside of the Deep End

Four teenage friends, Austin, Hannah, Max & Kristina, after a night of partying on the beachfront of Hammerhead Lake, OR, dare each other to go investigate the town's legend of the abandoned, farm property of the Dahlman's , a family-name accustomed to the town's history that goes far back before World War 1.

When they arrive on-site, they notice someone or something is living on the premise and is hunting them down one-by-one, where the only two survivors, Austin & Kristina, hide out in the forest waiting for help.

By the time local law enforcement and fire-fighters arrive on the scene, a show-down takes place, a battle of the wits, among them all as the long-time resident, a farmer dressed in European clothing from a different era, kills them all off methodically, where in the end, Austin, Kristina and one fire-fighter survive after the bloody massacre.

When the town's sheriff, a Dahlman, arrives on scene, he investigates the scene, questioning their claims & noting them down. He takes a souvenir from the ashes of the fire with him as he takes them back to the station for written statements.

As their family members pick them up, the sheriff heads home and places the souvenir up on his wall above a fire stove and enjoys a drink in a recliner.

  • Shane Palmer Adams
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Writer - Shane Palmer Adams