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The Wild Ones (13x47 doc-reality series)

In today ́s world, the human population is expanding at an alarming rate; all around the globe the boundaries between animals and people are becoming blurred. The struggle for real-estate and blatant exploitation are contributing to the increased confrontations between humans and other beings. At the front line of this global dilemma, we find the protectors of these magnificent life: The Wild Ones.

Environmentalists, researchers, adventurers, photographers; dedicated individuals that risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure that these creatures are here to stay.

The series portraits these unique and brave people who live and work amongst dangerous and exotic wildlife, framed in the most unforgiving environments. With a focus on their life ́s stories, The Wild Ones digs in their tough but sensitive characters, showing how they came to live in this way, and what its like to walk a day in their shoes.

Unveiling their special gift of communication, that lets them discover new ways of interacting with these charismatic species, coupled with their efforts to stop their annihilation while finding definitive solutions for their survival.

Shot in a cinematic style, the show draws upon strong visual imagery that illustrates inspiring stories delivered with a powerful message of love for nature, knowledge and adventure.

  • Hernán Vilchez
    Huicholes: THe Last Peyote Guardians
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    Television Script, Treatment
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Writer Biography - Hernán Vilchez

Hernán Vilchez studied filmmaking in Argentina and Cuba. Since 2000 he has directed TV, commercials, video clips and documentaries in Latin America and Europe.

Specialized in filming indigenous peoples around the globe, he has produced the international content for the successful shows “World´strictest parents” (Sat1, Germany) and “Sweeping jobs” (SRF, Switzerland). He currently directs in the upcoming international TV series "The Roots of Faith" (History Channel) and "Living Religions" (Encuentro Channel), while writing and producing his own independent documentary projects.

In May 2014 he released his first documentary feature, "Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians", that already won 12 awards in 10 international film festivals.

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