That Film Festival is supporting new and emerging talent in the film industry by providing exposure to investors, experts and a life changing prize with funding to make a short into a feature plus a year marketing, sales & distribution. There is great talent continually coming through in the film industry.
Getting the right support, exposure, and even funding for their ideas can, for some, seem like an impossibility. Some of the best filmmakers have given up their dreams to take up uninspiring jobs just to make ends meet.

We here at That Film Festival do not want to let this talent go to waste anymore.

Our Mission:
To give new filmmakers a platform to access those whom could help turn their dreams and visions into reality.

We will be holding a number of showcases throughout the year including Cannes, London, Marbella and Berlin, playing the best short films which are submitted to us, plus hosting networking opportunities at each event. The winner of these showcases, as voted by active film investors and film professionals will WIN funding up to £1million to make their short film into a feature, including 1 year marketing, sales and distribution.

We are literally putting talent in front of investors, marketing directors, sales and distribution professionals.

2018 Winner
The winner of 2018 That Film Festival, David Cohen beat some great competition to walk away with an incredible prize in Berlin on the 9th February 2019. The 4 finalists were given a unique script and all asked to shoot a short film with their take on the script. David's unique interpretation of a 'script with in a script' was different, funn, exceptionally cast & well edited. We invited a mix of our film investors & film industry professionals to attend the Gala dinner gala dinner where they were shown all 4 shorts and were asked to annonomously vote for their winner by placing their chosen film card in a box. The votes were counted and there was a clear winner on votes, Number 1 being David Cohen, closely followed by Gustavo Sampaio with Gaia.

What does the future hold for David?
Following the festival our sponsor Twickenham studios met with David and gave him the all important studio tour where he got to meet with their oscar & emmy winning team. Twickenham will be offering post production for his feature film. David will also star in a 9-part TV docu-series following his journey to make his feature.

The Winner of the Season 2 - 2019 - Lois Dols De Jong was announced on the 13th of February 2019 at our Awards Party in London at the May Fair Hotel.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the winner of 2020 That Film Festival? Submissions are now open for our first showcase in Cannes between the 15th and the 16th of May 2020.

- Investment into your film to make it into a full length feature *up to £1million
- Professional trailer made and edited
- Post production & special effects
- Casting with support of casting agent
- Professional posters and artwork made
- 1 year marketing support including social media management, ad budget & website design & build
- 1 year worth of international sales and distribution
- Red carpet premiere

​Advance your career with a full length feature film, red carpet premiere & access industry professionals and international film buyers.
Submit your short film or unfinished film or mini series to one of our film showcases in Cannes, London, Marbella & Berlin to be in with the chance to WIN your film made by us and turn your film into a full, commercial feature film.

How to enter:
Enter your short film, mini series or unfinished film into one of our film showcases. (Cannes, London, Marbella, Berlin).
Five winners will be announced from each showcase (up to 20 films in total) with the winner overall being announced in February 2021.

Submissions & How to enter:
Submission dates:

Berlin: Submissions open from 23rd October 2019
Cannes: Submissions open from 28th February 2020
London: Submissions open from 19th May 2020
Marbella: Submissions open from 10th August 2020

Entry guidelines:
Films accepted by graduate, undergraduate or school students, plus emerging filmmakers.
All genres accepted, including, unfinished films and mini-series
All films should be under 25 minutes in length
Films to be submitted via our Submit Film page link FilmFreeway
Films submitted must be available for screening in Berlin from 21st of February to the 23rd of February 2020
Films must have been completed after January 2017

​Please note: All films must be 25mins & under in length.

Benefits of submitting to That Film Festival Showcases:
Network with film industry executives from around the world
Films selected will have visibility on promotional materials for That Film Festival, including on That Film Life social media channels
Five films from each showcase will be chosen to be entered into the film investment competition (Twenty films in total).

Submission Cost
Fee will be charged to cover admin charges & staffing charges in order to ensure your film will be watched, categorised and rated.
Please note, we can not guaranty your film will be chosen for the festival, a panel of film professionals hired by That Film Festival UK will be responsible for shortlisting and picking the best films to be shown & taken to the festivals
Full terms & conditions are available on our festival website at

Overall Rating
  • Marcos Mereles

    Pleased to be selected in the London edition! It was greatly organized, excellent films and an amazing venue with great opportunities for networking, it's a festival worth submitting to!

    November 2020
  • Svetlana Mazulevskaya

    I am very grateful to the team of THAT FILM FESTIVAL-Cannes-
    2020 for all your efforts to screen our selected films in these unprecedented times.


    July 2020
  • I think it’s great That Film Festival is supporting new and emerging talent. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, and pleased that my film “Azteca Dance” is selected for the 2020 festival. Thank you to That Film Festival for this awesome opportunity.

    Karla Contreras

    May 2020
  • Richard Zelniker

    I That Film Festival - Cannes was very generous and very communicative in their time and cooperation. I am thrilled to say Beckoned has been selected to play there.

    May 2020
  • Kinedimorae srl

    Thank you for the opportunity and for selecting our short film "The Field of Miracles". It was an honor having its very first screening in Marbella!
    Great festival, congratulations.

    October 2019