Tere Bin

Teri hi yaadon may khonay lagi
Tujh bin yahan meri jaan janay lagi
Tere bin mein jiyun to kesay jiyun, ye to bata do na
Tere bin mein rahun to kesay rahun, ye bhi bata do na

1st Verse
Thum gaya ye waqt jo mil gaye raastay
Jee gaye ik umr us pal ke aasray
Khamosh nigaah kehnay lagi hai
Is dil ki baat jo na keh saki mein
Baynaam hai aj tak ye bandhan
Na bhool sakay tujhe ye kesi lagan

2nd Verse
Yaad liye teri jo na bhool paaye
Chalay thay qadam jo na barh paaye
Tum na kaho bhi to mein sunnay laga hun
Jo na keh saka wo kehnay laga hun
Tum hi thay aur raho gay mere humdum
Sadaa rahein gay sung tum aur hum

Tere bin mein jiyun to kesay jiyun, ye to bata do na
Tere bin mein rahun to kesay rahun, ye bhi bata do na

  • Imran Khan
  • Madhura Sane
    Name of Band or Artist
  • Project Type:
  • Length:
    5 minutes 13 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 3, 2021
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Tere bin is a classical rock, heart wrenching melody which is guaranteed to touch many hearts who have lost their loved one ! Imran composed and worked on this melody in 2010. Since then he couldn't find the right tone to go with the flavor of the song. Finally, Imran met Madhura while working on two other projects they did together “Kya Huwa” and “Bin Tere”. Imran trained and conditioned Madhura’s voice to suit Tere Bin with long, vigorous practice sessions. After about three intense recording sessions, Tere Bin was finally made. There were several sessions of recording after that to compose and record the harmonies that you hear in this beautiful melody. In Tere Bin, harmonies are just the right way of expressing different emotions that one goes through, after losing someone dear to you. Solo Guitar in the song adds the classical rock touch to the melody, played by professional guitarist Nasir Iqbal. This is how Tere Bin came together with pure teamwork and dedication backed with lots of emotions.
The professional music video is shot in various locations and different weather conditions in North America. No Green Screen or Chroma screen has been used and all footage is shot directly at the locations you see in the video. Loss is always very deep and is felt for a long time and is almost permanent, which is the message in the video by showing the changing seasons, colors, and expressions.

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Artist Statement

Tere Bin is made from the heart with devotion and compiles all artists' emotions and creativity in these tough times.