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One-hour, mystery, crime, and romantic drama TV series set in contemporary Chicago where current neuroscience converges with science fiction in the lives of two women with nascent mental powers.

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    Television Script
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    Sci-Fi, Mystery, Crime, Romantic drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography

Screenwriter, "Mama Mahalia" - Folk Gospel Band Leader, Church Deacon, Loving Wife, Devoted Daughter, Bird Mother.
For over 39 years, I have been touching people with my hands as a physical therapist and moving people with music. Now, I aspire to touch people's hearts with my screenplays.
My Moniker, "Miss Fix-It." Give me a problem; I'll tackle it. As my character Cass Vitale, an 18-year-old, queer drummer would say, "I'm good with my hands whatever I do, high aptitude actually!"
I aspire to collaborate with representation, get my screenplays optioned, and produce independent films in the next five years.
Being an introspective, people-loving person has helped me work in the healing arts, often listening to deep truths in people's lives. I'm a life story collector and consider people gifts waiting to be opened.
From an early age, I've had an acute, vivid memory of my emotional life which helps me create heart-gripping dramas and characters with an in-depth, believable emotional range.
I weave my dramas with romance, action, humor, and adventure.
Reoccurring themes: the discovery of true love, finding an authentic spiritual path, confronting injustice, and acceptance that love knows no gender. To quote Chumani, my Native American, Two-Spirit character: "It is the heart of the person I love, not the gender."
Working with higher-level, professional script advisers, I continue to polish my scripts. So far, I’ve placed in the following contests:
An action/adventure coming-of-age story, "Silk Road Runaways," 2019 Cynosure finalist, 2019 WeScreenplay, Diverse Voices semifinalist.

LGBTQ romantic drama, "Loving Out Loud," 2017 WeScreenplay, Diverse Voices semifinalist, 2018 Women Who Write in Film semifinalist, 2019 LGBTQ Awards semifinalist.

"Monumental," a drama/romance/adventure, 2020 Chicago Screenplay quarterfinalist.

A Christmas drama/thriller, "Salaam Santa,” 2021 Chicago Screenplay semifinalist.

Work and long-time friendship with an English patient compelled me to write "A Private War," 2017 Faith in Film semifinalist.

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Writer Statement

Teleception was born of deep connection to my own dreams, as well as experiences of grieving friends who've had paranormal revelations.