Iran international FICTS festival, as the exclusive representative of the FICTS Sports Federation, is considered the Entry Festival for the Milan world competition. This festival is held to stage a contest between filmmakers and producers, spot the young talents, and introduce inspiring figures.

The festival will be held with the support of the Cultural Affairs Department of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, the National Olympic and Paralympics Committee, IRIB, TV3 Channel, and the Cinematic Organization of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. The cultural institute of the Khayyam Art House NGO is the developer of this edition of the festival, selecting the best works for participation in the final stage of the FICTS World Festival.

Movies with a sports theme that aims to promote the objectives of the Olympic and the Olympic movement and strengthen the strong spirit of the Olympic and athletic manner will be eligible for participation in this cultural and sports event under the terms and conditions outlined in the festival.

Goals of the Festival
* Improving the quality of cinema and television sports films
* Promoting sports values through movies
* Encouragement of sports filmmakers with an emphasis on athletic manner, mutual respect, and spiritual excellence of the Olympic and Paralympics in their works
* Promotion and development of sporting, Olympic, and Paralympic values using the power of sports visualization
* Promotion of the capacity of sports art in line with public diplomacy and sustainable international peace and friendship
* Organizing and presenting sports information to organizations for decision-making in related fields
* Holding meetings for criticizing, introducing, studying, and reviewing cultural works

Spiritual values
* Ethics and respect
* Athletic manner
* Generosity and philanthropy
* Modesty, high mindedness, and forgiveness
* Physical and mental health
* Teamwork
* Conscious and wise thoughts, words, and deeds

Festival sections
The Cinematic fiction films, video fiction films – short films, feature films, animation – documentaries, television programs, teasers, and music videos produced in 2019 to 2022 can participate in one of the following sections of the festival after completing the required form and providing the necessary information.

Special Section
* Olympic and Paralympics, spirit, and Olympic champion
* Public sports and public health
* Sports and combating drug addiction
* Mobile and short films featuring local native games (Iran)

* Cinematic fiction films awards
– Producer of the best film: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize
– The best director: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize
– Best actor: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize
– Best actress: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize
– Technical achievement: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize

* Television and video films awards (short films, features, and animation)
– Producer of the best video feature film: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize
– Director of the best video feature film: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize
– Director of the best short film: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize
– Producer or the director of the best animation: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize

* Documentaries awards
– Director of the best short documentary: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize
– Director of the best documentary feature: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize
– Screenwriter/researcher of the best documentary research: Festival trophy, honorary diploma, the cash prize

1. The festival is devoted to movies with the theme of sports and emphasizes the festival's core values, pays particular attention to the promotion and development of the Olympic objectives, the spirit of sport, and solidarity, and should not conflict with the values of society.
2. All the international applicants must complete the festival registration form at FilmFreeway and upload their works to the festival secretariat in Full HD and higher qualities. The secretariat is excused from accepting movies in other formats.
3. English subtitles are mandatory for all non-English movies.
4. Winners will be submitted to the 2022 Milano International FICTS Film Festival by the secretariat of Iran Festival.
5. All internal and international movies in this festival will be judged and appraised in the competition section in an aggregated way.
6. There is no limit to the number of works submitted by individuals or institutions.
7. The festival is allowed to screen the selected films at its dedicated venues during the time of the festival, and the festival's secretariat will arrange the screening times. There is no possibility to remove any films from the program after they are selected.
8. All the selected works in the competition, except for the theatrical fiction films, will be premiered on sports television channel once with their producers and skype interviews with the director.
9. The festival is allowed to display five minutes of the participants' works on TV for advertising and publicizing.
10. Films that have made their way to the competition will receive the certificate of participation.
11. All submitted films will be kept in the festival archive for educational and research purposes.
12. Participation in and receiving the award from other festivals will not be a barrier to this festival.
13. The legal responsibility of the works submitted falls upon the signatories of the festival participation form.
14. The final decision on all the matters not mentioned in these regulations will be the responsibility of the festival secretariat.
15. The festival secretariat is not responsible for any damage caused to the films due to mailing/shipping services.
16. Accepting the final registration of the festival online registration form means the complete acceptance of the rules and regulations of the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Noah Ga

    Thank you for the festival for having the locker Room as a nominee. It was an honor to have this short film among the selected film of such a great Iranian festival

    August 2022
  • Ayman Yanny

    No news at all from the festival....

    August 2022
  • Tanya Naville

    No news at all from the festival....

    February 2020
    Response from festival:

    Dear Tanya,
    We are delighted that we have your film as a finalist in our competition and I'm sure you received that notice. But regarding some unprecedented issues, we forced to change the date of the ceremony.
    You will receive updates in a few weeks.

    Thanks for being with us


  • Ratna Chakraborty

    Worth submitting in this film festival. The organisers are very communicative and cordial.

    February 2018
  • Mazin Sherabayani

    Thank you very much for selecting our short film. Thanks

    February 2018