The Teen Faith Film Festival is all about showcasing and exposing Youth Christian Filmmakers and celebrating the exploration of faith in filmmaking. Founded in 2014 by Asher Segelken, Dawn Hamby, and Steve Carerra, the Teen Faith Film Festival holds the record for the most attended first time event at the Alexandria Nechita Center at Orange Lutheran. Also known for it's incredible networking opportunities the Teen Faith Film is a celebration of Youth Christian Filmmaking.

The Teen Faith Film Festival has five awards including

"Best of Show" the film with the highest score from judging

As well as genre specific awards for Narrative, Documentary, and Art-House along with the Audience Award!

All films must address an aspect of faith and MUST NOT EXCEED 10 Minutes in Length.
Filmmaker must be between the ages of 13 - 19.
Filmmakers are strongly encouraged to attend the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Kennedy Reed

    I submitted to this festival for the first time during my Junior year of high school. I was impressed with the organization of the event and how hard everyone worked to make a classy, professional festival at a high school level. This festival showed me that I actually had a future as a filmmaker, and I found a lot of encouragement from the student leaders and judges. This is a young festival from a relatively new film program, but with more entries and community participation, it is sure to reach the status of any well-established film festival. The great thing about Orange Lutheran and the students that run the festival is that they are big dreamers who are always looking to expand upon their hard work to make the festival better with each year. I highly recommend this festival to any high school filmmaker who is looking for exposure and the chance to see their work on the big screen. The TFFF gives filmmakers the opportunity to find out who they can become in their craft. Submitting to this festival was one of the best things I've ever done for my artwork.

    January 2018
  • Jaden Santini

    The students hosting the event were very organized and did a great job at the event. I would not submit again. And I would not recommend this film festival. They could improve this event by brining in outside judges. This felt more like an exclusive Orange Lutheran H.S. event. There were no networking opportunities and judges were teachers from the host school.

    January 2018
    Response from festival:

    Hello Jaden,

    I am so sorry to hear that you would not submit to our festival again. As you may or may not know, our festival is put together by one of our on-campus clubs and is organized completely by students. We, therefore, have limited resources and for the past 4 years, have been working to make this festival the best we can. Thank you for your input regarding outside judges and this year, we have done exactly that. Our hopes for networking are that the individual can network with some of the other filmmakers who are also at the live screening. We always welcome feedback and thank you for your comments. I personally welcome you back this year to see for yourself the changes we have made. Thank you.

    Alexander Kitano
    TFFF 2018 Student Chairman