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Tears on Fire (EP1)

The story depicts the work and life of four firefighters. It shows how they face various difficult challenges and strive to save lives under the problematic system of the firefighter department In Taiwan.
The four firefighters take risks to save lives together in various tasks, and they also have to face their own life issues.
Chih-Yuan CHANG always fights to rescue the people in need, but after several failed missions, is faced with his own internal trauma.
Tzu-Ling HSU, the only female firefighter in the department, not only has to face sexist discrimination but also her hysterical mother.
Yi-Yang LIN has an upright personality, which often gets him in a hot situation with civilians and politicians. But it is also his simplicity and frankness that can maintain the solid friendship of the team.
Han-Cheng CHIU loves his family and his job as well, but he often faces a dilemma between his family and work.
However, a sudden fierce fire blew the horn of death and drastically changed the four's fate.

EP1: Routine
A big fire broke out in the old apartments, bringing the firefighters of the Tong-An Department a busy and dangerous day. They have been working from daytime to midnight, and Everyone is exhausted.
After work, Chih-Yuan CHANG returns home. He tells his parents that he is unable to attend his father's upcoming recital. His parents are disappointed. Then he goes back to his room, and 15-year-old Hao-Yuan CHANG questions his decision.
On an ambulance mission, Yi-Yang LIN clashes with a civilian. Later City Councilor WANG comes to accuse LIN of this, and LIN clashes again with him. It gives the Branch Head of the Tong-An Department a headache.
Han-Cheng CHIU learns that his wife is in premature labor while he is about to go on an ambulance mission. This put him in a dilemma.
Tzu-Ling HSU and Yi-Yang LIN are sent on an ambulance mission, but she finds the location of the mission to be is her own home.

  • Yin-chuan TSAI
  • Yin-chuan TSAI
  • Isaac LI
  • Chun-Fang TSENG
  • Phil TANG
  • Isaac LI
  • Austin LIN
    Key Cast
  • Annie CHEN
    Key Cast
  • Kuan-Ting LIU
    Key Cast
  • James WEM
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    49 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    January 31, 2021
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Director Biography - Yin-chuan TSAI

Yin-chuan TSAI who graduated from the Department of Social Work at National Taiwan University received a master’s degree from Kent Institute of Art & Design in the UK. She is a director, scriptwriter, and illustrator as well. Her works are full of delicate emotions and profound humanistic care and often reflect social issues. Her works include TV series “Tears on Fire” (2021), the color movie "Stilts" (2012), and "Packages from Daddy" (2016). Her illustration books include "In 2087", "My 32 Faces", "Charlotte's Love Study”.

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Director Statement

Ever since I was a child, I always thought that Taiwanese firefighters had only one task: putting out fires. In my heart, they are the heroes.
A few years ago, six firefighters died in the Xinwu Township Fire, which shocked the whole of Taiwan. At that time, I read some in-depth news reports and found out the tasks of firefighters were numerous and complicated, such as ambulance, fire fighting, mountain rescue, water rescue, fire inspection, publicity, etc. However, our firefighting manpower and resources are very scarce, and firefighters die for work almost every year. The total number of firefighters who died at work in Taiwan over the past decade has even exceeded the total number of those in Hong Kong over the past 90 years. This situation is really heartbreaking, and it gave me the motivation to shoot a story about their plight.
I hope “Tears on Fire” can arouse people to understand the plight of Taiwan's firefighters and systemic problems in our government policies. After all, they are the people who risk their lives to protect us and give us a peaceful life.