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Teancum Paradise Burning.

This screenplay is a sequel that builds from the screenplay 'Teancum', an award winner at the Berlin International Screenwriting Festival in 2023. It takes us across the breadth of the Nephite and Lamanite lands,‭ ‬on journeys by ocean and river,‭ ‬and into some of history's greatest battles,‭ ‬where the skill and resolve of Teancum's small army will be all that stands between victory and the Nephite's utter destruction.‭

The story pivots on two major battles,‭ ‬but involves political intrigue,‭ ‬spies,‭ ‬the continuing romance,‭ ‬temples,‭ ‬cities and friendships.‭ ‬It ends with a deadly face to face confrontation between Teancum and Amalickiah who had lead his great juggernaut of an army and taken one fortified city after another till meeting Teancum’s small army in an open field.‭ ‬
So again through Teancum and his friends we experience this history and their personal reactions to it.‭ ‬They are involved in big things,‭ ‬as the history is their world.
‭ ‬

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