Divided by a wall that separates both countries, AMPARO, - a 17-year-old girl, - runs away from El Salvador to illegally cross the border to the United States with her unexpected little sister who was not supposed to embark on that life-threatening journey to restore Amparo's online relationship and seek a better life for herself.

With absolutely no travelling experience, driven only by sheer determination and hope, Amparo will travel by car, train, and feet throughout towns and desert, making sure that both herself and her seven-year-old sister reach the new country safely. However, when reaching her new place, she will soon realize that not everything is what it seems.

  • Catarina César
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    Drama, Road-Movie, Adventure
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  • Angaelica Film Festival
    California, USA
    December 31, 2021
Writer Biography - Catarina César

Catarina César (or Catarina De Cezanne) was born in Moita, Portugal. She is known for her work as a Screenwriter, Production Assistant, and Script supervisor assistant in the TV series "Serramoura", season 5 (2017), in Spain (A Coruña). Now, she divides her work between Portugal, Spain, and the UK.

She has a Master's Degree in Film & TV executive Production and Management, - focused on the whole process from Concept to Screen, including pitching, video games storytelling, and film distribution. And a Degree in Film Studies, - focused on Art, Film Theory, History, and practical knowledge in Cinematography, Sound and Video Editing, and Scriptwriting.

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Writer Statement

As a female writer from one of the poorest countries in Europe, I was always dragged into writing compelling stories about a woman who felt “stuck”, who challenged their reality, as well as the urge to run away, to find ourselves and our happiness elsewhere.

However, I do wish it were that simpler. To write this story, I had to dive deeply to the darkest recesses of my wounds, to my years of online relationship with a Salvadorian which drove me to write about his own journey, and build up Amparo, whom I mirror myself in.

I’ve been travelling the world with my family since I was 11 and started living and working in other countries when I completed 20, until COVID-19 forced the world to stop.
Along with that feeling, naturally, came the need to question my own personal beliefs, freed myself from them to then open to fascinating cultures, ancient history, and other religions. Yet, the reason I feel connected with this story is not limited to my travels and life-experience but comes also from my deep relationships with the Latin American community, to whom I dedicate this film.