I am Tara Chakravorty, an undergrad student at UC Berkeley. I've had a passion for filmmaking and video editing since I was seven years old, starting with posting comedic content on YouTube with my friends. I independently made a short drama, wrote/filmed a comedy with SF Art & Film, worked as an assistant director for a music video by Tiny Little Shorts, and videotaped/edited countless videos for my high school, Boys and Girls Club, and American Cancer Society. I'm now part of CalTV and CAP Club.
My main goal is to impact audiences emotionally with my films, influencing people in certain subjects: fighting climate change, advocating for mental health awareness, and supporting minority groups. In addition to film, my artistry lies in self portraits (both on camera and drawn) and singing (choir and musical theatre).
UC Berkeley
Conservation and Resource Studies
High School
Cupertino High School
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