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Born a 100 years apart, two South Asian Indian women navigate decisions that intertwine them with heartwarming and heart wrenching ends.

  • Ashwini S. Prasad
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Ashwini S. Prasad

Ashwini Prasad is a South Asian Indian immigrant to the United States but her life is more complex. She was born in Fiji Islands, raised in Calgary, AB and Vancouver, BC, and spent her adult life in the United States, mainly in the Pacific Northwest.

She let her creative pursuits go to the side and took her strength and will to complete three Masters degrees and thrive in the business world. Today, the strengths, will, and organizational skills are transferred to telling stories that stem from marginalized people as the center. Their stories are our stories, and their rich perspectives deserve to be told and celebrated.

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Writer Statement

I am cultivating safe spaces for people to share our stories. "Tapestry," is about me sharing the South Asian Indian contributions in WW1, and the immigrant experience to a larger, non-academic audience, and into popular culture. Our immigrant and non-mainstream stories are rich, forgotten, and deserve to be told and celebrated.

I continue to write these stories in shorts and features.

Let's share and rise together.