Mass Event @ Trichy. We have Short film, Photography and Dub smash Competition, Planned to Screen Top 10 Short Films, Top 10 Photographs and Top 10 Dub Smash in Single Day and in Single Event. Register and Make use of this Wonderful Opportunity.

Register Your Short Film @

The short film should be within 40 minutes.
Rs.500 fee for short films. Lunch will be provided. one lunch token will provide for participant.
There is a Individual prize for Director, Cinematographer, Actor, Editor.
If you want to give your short film in directly to 4 Thirumurugan Nagar,near Jk Nagar, kajamalai, Trichy 620023.
If you want to send via courier or postal code, please send with your id number to Thirumurugan Nagar, Jk Nagar near Kajamalai, Trichy 620023. Send short film in HD format on DVD.
Last date of submission is 5 september 2017 .
Register your details on the website vv and specify the ID number given to your Mail Id and write it on the DVD.
All of the short film you send will be honestly chosen by those who have worked in the film industry.
Entry fees will not be repaid after the registration.
For non participants Rs.150 charge applicable Id card must before entering the hall


Theme of Photography
* Expression
* Monochrome
* Street Photography
The photo should be in the given Theme.
Enter your details at website and mark your ID number in it.
All photos you send will be honestly chosen by those who have Expert in field and a Experienced person.
The photo print and your ID number should be sent to 4 thirumurugan Nagar, jk nagar,near kajamalai, Trichy 620023. The print card should be printed in the 10 * 8 size with 2 photographs.
300 rupees for photo competition. Lunch will be provided for the competitor.
Entry fees will not be repaid after the registration.


Rs.200 for dubsmash contest. Lunch token will be provided for the competitor. Enter your details on the website and send your dubsmash to the WHATSAPP number 9952675473 with your name and ID number. Entry fees will not be repaid after registration. your dubsmash should be creative.

Awards & Prizes

In Short Film:
Top 10 Best Short film Awards and 4 Individual Award

In Photography:
Top 10 Best Photography Awards

In Dub smash:
Top 10 Best Dubsmash awards

Rules & Terms

Last Date For Registration is 11 Sep 2017.

For Each Registration you will get 1 Entry Passes Free.

All Contestant Must be @ 8 am on Sep 21th.

Lunch will be Provided by the Event Organizer.

You will be Allowed with the valid pass which will be given in registration Counter.

Payment will not be Refunded at any cost.

Each Contestant will get participants Certificate at End of the Festival.

Movie will be Screened in Alphabetical Order.

Juries Decision will be Final.

In any Circumstances, if Contestant went of the Premises In between the Festival, Contestant will be allowed.

Event Organizer will not be Responsible for your Stolen or Missed 'Properties'.

Winners will be Announced at the End of the Festival and Awards will be given in Reverse Orders (15th, 14th, 12th)