For already the second time the Medienkolleg Innsbruck organizes the TakeOne Filmfestival. Until january fourth 2019, film makers of all ages are invited to convert their thoughts and ideas for „Typical Tyrol?!“ into a short movie of max. 6 minutes. Because it’s a very wide topic, creativity and originality in every sense are required. From documentaries, over full of action adventure movies, to society critical approaches – everything is allowed. On the evening itself, the best submissions in each category (students until the age of 18 and everybody above) are shown on big screen in the ForumRum and are promised to take home special prices and in the best case even the TakeOne trophy. Besides the film competition there will be a talk around with several experts from different sectors in the media branche. They’ll discuss the pros and cons of Tirol as a media landscape and will each give their own perspectives and experiences. After the award show our DJ will invite you to the aftershow party . Safe the date and be there when we will honor Tyrols best filmmakers!

We have a lot of special prices for our participants but this shall be a surprise :)
But a short spoiler: every participant which will be shown at the festival will take home a package of games, drinks and presents so do your best guys!

- You have to own the right of your used material (video, sound...)
- Your film has no minimum length but the maximum length is 6 minutes (without the final credits).
- The resolution of your film has to be Full HD
- approved file formats: mp4, .mov, .avi, .wmv.