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Tabu is an experimental movie who brings to light Maria's story, a young woman haunted through her existence by some sequences from her childhood which will permanently torment her. Her decision on confessing herself gives us the possibility of entering in her personal and intimate past who will influence the actual behavior of the character.
She spends the first part of her childhood in a barren and isolated village in the South of the country with Zorela, her grandmother who is very uninvolved in the life of her granddaughter. The village itself is a representation of solitude. We can only see empty streets, haunted by an abandoned dog through the heat. The space has a lethargic atmosphere, we can only hear the sound of the radio or the sound of the church's bells. In this hermetic solitude Maria needs to manifest her childhood which will trigger a striking imagination. She will develop a state of permanent apathy. Consequently, she will find pleasure in discovering her own body. She will be fascinated by the idea of the body and she will discover too early the carnal desires.
In the second part, Maria will spend the rest of her childhood in her parents' apartment. The apartment is another representation of solitude. This one amplifies her imagination. She will discover her body more intimate. She will experiment on herself and she will find too early the carnal desires.
In the last part we meet Maria as an adult person. This part shows us her interest for the BDSM world and it represents a consequence of her childhood.

  • Maria-Diana Lică
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Maria-Diana Lică

Studii: Facultatea de Litere, Istorie şi Teologie, din cadrul Universităţii de Vest,
Specializarea Limbă şi Literatură
Secţia Română- Engleză

Activitate literară:

Colocviul studenţesc Nichita Stănescu, azi, organizat de către Facultatea de Litere, Istorie şi Teologie (29 mai 2013) cu lucrarea De la carnal la spiritual.
The 19th Symposium of Students in English, organizat de către Facultatea de Litere, Istorie şi Teologie (21-22 martie 2014) cu lucrarea Representations of America in Cartoons.
Lucrarea de susţinere a licenţei, Simptomul vampiric de la Bram Stoker la Anne Rice.
În prezent:
Administrator al unui blog personal de scriere creativă:
Lyrics writer şi vocea unui proiect muzical de dark ambient:

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