A founding father of the United States of America is cursed by one of his brutalized slaves the night he signed the US Constitution and Three-Fifth's clause in 1787.

Hundreds of years later, a random group of strangers including a genealogist, gritty metro cop, and presidential candidate, change races coincidentally after the passing of a controversial law.

A mind blowing, shocking, and ruthless quest for the answers. What they have in common is much more surprising than their differences.

  • Darren Daniels
  • Kaitlin Morris
  • Project Type:
    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Drama, Fantasy
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Los Angeles Film Awards
    Los Angeles, CA
    Winner - Best Fantasy Television Script August 2021
  • New York Film Awards
    New York, NY
    Winner - Best Drama Screenplay -August 2021
  • NYC International Screenplay Awards
    New York, NY
    Quarter Finalist - Summer 2021
  • Festigious International Film Festival Monthly Edition
    Los Angeles, CA
    Winner - Best Television Script September 2021
Writer Biography - Darren Daniels, Kaitlin Morris

Darren Daniels is a technology sales ninja by day and a talented storyteller with a flair for complex story arcs by night. Darren's experience and background in fast paced environments feed his creative drive and storylines, while his passion and eye for art and photography frame his unique perspective. Darren’s self-described pandemic project "Two Fifths", has won multiple TV screenplay awards including: Los Angeles Film Awards 2021, Best Fantasy Screenplay, New York Film Awards 2021, Best Drama Screenplay, Festigious International Film Festival, Best TV Screenplay 2021, and NYC International Screenplay Awards 2021, Quarter Finalist.

Kaitlin Morris is a multi award-winning Executive Producer, Director, Screenwriter, and Film Editor. She has a passion for creating and managing innovative, engaging visuals for national and international audiences as evidenced by her screenwriting, live production, and post-production experience for major television networks, her multi award-winning web series ‘Do Us Part’, and the 127-time Emmy-Award winning production company, NFL Films. As a screenwriter and producer, she has written and edited for over ten television shows shown on Amazon Prime, NFL Network, FOX, NBC Sports, and digital platforms.

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Writer Statement

I’ve always been a fan of the complex characters we’ve all seen in shows like "The Sopranos", “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “The Wire” (I know, a unique mix). I fell in love, however, with dramatic storylines while watching the scene from “Heat” in which Al Pacino and Robert DiNero sat down for coffee while playing a serious game of cops and robbers.

I want people to wonder about the characters after the credits roll like I wonder why in the world Neil didn’t get on that plane when he had the clean getaway.

-Darren Daniels