TTB- Teen Tondawaali Bai

For a storyteller, the story may just be a tale woven to engage the child, but little does one realize that this story makes a permanent home in the child’s mind. The impact is such that they start living out the fantasy even in the real world.

The same happened with 7-year-old Aditya, whose caretaker tells him a story of a scary lady with three faces who takes away small children. The impact of the story is so strong that Aditya starts imagining her presence around himself and gets scared. His mother tells him another story to convince him that these are all fairy tales and not to be scared of any such things. But the impact is so strong that Aditya starts living with TTB ( the fantasy world).

  • Atharva RAVINDRA Jadhav
  • Atharva RAVINDRA Jadhav
  • Omkar Kale
    Key Cast
  • Anjali Koranne
    Key Cast
  • Anvi Kapadia
    Key Cast
  • Ashlesha Gade
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    10 minutes 7 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 22, 2022
  • Production Budget:
    1,000 USD
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Director Biography - Atharva RAVINDRA JADHAV

Atharva Jadhav is a talented and creative individual with a passion for digital art and technology. After completing his high school education, he pursued a one-year program in graphic design at Ecole Intuit Lab. Currently, Atharva is pursuing an undergraduate program in Digital Futures at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. In addition to his studies, he is an active member of the International Student Support Office at OCAD U, where he organizes and leads meaningful opportunities, tours, and events for international students. Atharva's artistic style is experimental and exploratory, drawing inspiration from the realm of technological possibilities. He employs digital algorithms to explore dynamic generative systems and creates sub-abstract fantastical frames containing monsters, creatures, and mechs as an illustrator. In the future, Atharva aims to explore kinetic and electronic fashion.
Atharva's work experience includes writing and directing short films, including the anti-pollution motion graphic PSA film 'Finish,' which won second prize at Monash University in Melbourne in 2016, and the Marathi short film 'TTB' in August 2021. He has also displayed his artwork for the brand 'Ksubi' at their 'KsubixHidjiworld' showcase at New York Fashion Week in September 2021. Atharva's collection of reaction diffusion-based real-time dynamic artworks titled "Cellular Ensemble" was exhibited at Collision Gallery, Toronto, in August 2022. He also curated and created visuals for the Afro-fusion artist Borelson for his first show in Toronto and displayed interactive, real-time digital artwork at DigitalFutures Open Show 2022.
Aside from his artistic pursuits, Atharva is a certified PADI rescue diver who has explored various parts of the Indian Ocean. He is passionate about marine life and enjoys documenting it through photography and videography.
Atharva Jadhav's diverse range of skills and experiences makes him a unique and valuable asset in the world of digital art and technology. He is a driven and passionate individual who is committed to making a significant impact in his field in the years to come.

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Director Statement

Teen Tondwali Bai(Three-Headed Lady)
"Teen Tondawali Bai" is a film that explores the power of a child's imagination and the impact of stories on their minds. As a storyteller, I understand how a story can create a permanent impression in a child's mind, and this film explores that theme through the eyes of a young boy named Aditya.
Aditya is a 7-year-old boy who encounters a three-headed lady in his garden and becomes frightened. His caretaker and mother try to convince him that it's all in his imagination, but Aditya keeps seeing the lady and becomes more and more scared. The film follows Aditya's journey as he comes to terms with his fears and learns to differentiate between reality and fantasy.
The story of "Teen Tondawali Bai" is inspired by a fairy tale that my friend's caretaker used to tell us when we were young. The story had such a strong impact on me that I still remember seeing the lady in the garden one afternoon when everyone was asleep. The film is a tribute to the power of imagination and the way stories shape our minds.
Through "Teen Tondawali Bai," I wanted to explore the idea of how every child's world is a blend of what actually exists and what they see on TV, read in books, or hear in stories. Children believe in the reality of everything they encounter, and this film celebrates the beauty of a child's imagination while also acknowledging the challenges that come with it.
"Teen Tondawali Bai" is a heartwarming film that celebrates the power of imagination and the way stories shape our minds. It is a tribute to the storytellers who create magic with their words and a reminder of the lasting impact their stories have on our lives.