LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC producing center, Russia in the face of Victor Boulankin, famous for the well-known 5-year old Russian annual and only International Horror Film Festival and Awards named “Drop”, proudly presents a brand new horror film festival in Italy – “TRIP TO ITALY HORROR FILM FEST” in an absolutely new format, ready to explode your mind and imagination!

Format of the festival: annual tourist-type film festival, containing several mini festivals and conventions in different cities of Italy. In 2015 there are to be 4 mini-festivals in 4 different cities, each containing a festival program (films screening) + a Q&A convention with horror and action movie stars. Film festival program will contain both new films and the winners of the Russian International Horror Film Festival. Films-participants will be accepted by the org committee from different countries and be screened in English, Italian and Russian languages. In each city there will be different films and different movie stars participating. All films are horror, thriller or action genre. The cities are: Rimini, Milano, Torino, Naples. The total period of the whole festival is August 22-30. Each mini festival in each of the 4 cities will last for 3 days in the following schedule and in the following venues, coming one by one as one travelling event:
August 22-24 – Milano – Star Hotel Ritz – conference hall
August 24-26 – Torino – Star Hotel Majestic – conference hall
August 26-28 – Napoli – Star Hotel Terminus – conference hall
August 28-30 – Rimini – hotel Madrid – conference hall

The program of each mini festival in each of the 4 cities:
First day: 17:00 and 22:00
Second day: 17:00 and 22:00
Third day: 15:00 and 22:00 + Q&A convention session with movie stars at 17:00 (main final event in each city)

Totally: 24 films to be screened + 4 Q&As (2 stars different in each city)

The festival contains Q&A with the participation of Italian star guests in horror genre.

The target audience of the festival:
-Russian tourists coming to Italy in Summer period for rest, smimming or watching sights
-Foreign guests, staying at the hotels in Italy in which the festival in held
-local Italian movie and stars' fans who desire to watch films or communicate live with movie stars

Diploma and valuable gifts to the winners

A filmmaker needs to submit his/her film via and pay a submission fee. The fee will be charged only in case the film will be accepted by the organizer of the festival.