TPG Studios and Four Leaf Clover Multimedia Productions is launching a virtual International Film Festival along with a physical screening location in Stark County Ohio called TPG International Film Festival. Screenings will be streamed on TPG Channels and screened live November 23, 2019 at the Canton Palace Theater.

During the streaming period, viewers will be able to go online and vote on their favorite films in their respective categories. Viewers can vote for their favorite films at the live screenings. A Judges panel will determine the rest of the awards, and the winners will be announced online on the website, social media and via email in November after all the votes are tallied. After the announcement of the winners the laurels and awards will be sent out to the winners.

There will be a best of (First Place) as well as Second and Third place for the following categories:

Micro Film
Short Film
Extended-length short films
Feature-length fiction films
Feature-length documentary films
Original Musical Composition

The First Place winners will also be inducted into our Hall of Fame Known as Hall of Screams.

Awards for different categories and placements will be a combination of different trophies, plaques and certificates. Laurels will be provided as well.

TPG International Film Festival is brought to you by TPG Studios and Four Leaf Clover Multimedia Productions across over 30 Roku Channels around the world streaming the screenings for three days.

TPG International Film Festival sponsors are not eligible to win awards for any submitted works, however they can win an Audience Best Picked Award.

We will accept submissions until the extended deadline.

The following are the film lengths that should determine your film submission type:

Feature-length fiction and documentary films — 60 minutes or more
Micro films — Less than 7 minutes
Short films — between 7-25 minutes
Extended-length short films — between 26 and 45 minutes


If your film has been released it is not eligible for this competition.

You will be notified of acceptance via email.

Acceptable screening formats are: DCP.

Mailed DVDs or Thumb drives can be sent to the listed submission address.

All entries selected into TPG International Film Festival, grant TPG International Film Festival the right to use any footage from the preview screened and all submitted publicity photos and any other materials sent to us pertaining to this entry for TPG International Film Festival's promotional purposes, without limitations.

Early deadline 12/31/18
Regular deadline 3/04/19
Final deadline 5/06/19
Extended deadline 6/30/19

Screenplay file names should be saved in this format: Title_Lastname.pdf
Feature film screenplay length should be at least 75 pages and not over 130.
Short screenplays are not accepted.

Writers who submit screenplays to TPG International Film Festival will have the option to receive feedback from our readers. The feedback is very brief, generally three to five sentences outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your screenplay.

Please include a title/cover page with your screenplay title, author name, WGA registration number and/or copyright information. The title page will not count towards the overall script page count.

Screenplays can be submitted online by emailing

We will notify screenplay finalists in July. The winning screenplay will be announced online.

The screenplay finalists will be announced in an email sent to you from TPG International Film Festival and posted on the front page of the TPG International Film Festival website.

Please add our email address to your email safe senders list, address book or contact list so that any correspondence with TPG International Film Festival will not be blocked or filtered into your bulk folder.

All TPG International Film Festival Awards will be announced in late July on our website and the winners will of course receive an email. We will reach out to the winners in July for shipping any and all awards won.

Questions may be submitted to