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Apollyon's Gold

TITLE: Apollyon's Gold

AUTHOR: A Robert J. Rogers Screenplay

(216 Lost Tree Lane, Simpsonville, South Carolina 29681 - - (864) 477-0632.)

LOGLINE: A hard-luck tunnel worker accidentally opens a gold-laden cavern with a stone throne and demonic symbol the Vatican's chased for a thousand years.

GENRE: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Action/Adventure

PAGES: 120

SYNOPSIS: Tunnel worker Juan Gonzalez fails again and again at making something of himself. His wife belittles him. His daughter laughs at him. And his coworkers beat him. One night while removing rock, he inadvertently opens a gold-laden cavern with a stone throne and demonic symbol. With the help of an Army buddy and a retired Catholic Cardinal, they learn this is the home of Apollyon, a demon the Vatican has chased for a thousand years. They also discover Juan's find wasn't by chance. The demon picked the born-loser to help him build his demonic army. All Juan had to do was steal and sell the gold, which he did.


1. Hell on Neptune - 85 Awards Worldwide.
2. Dakota Caves - 2 Miles (Short) - 89 Awards Worldwide (combined)
3. The Salt Box - 57 Awards Worldwide
4. Dakota Caves - 2 Miles (Feature) - 89 Awards Worldwide (combined)
5. Strappado - Limited release - 10 Selections/6 Awards Worldwide.
6. Patient Friendly- Limited release.
7. Rogue's Coward - Since July, 2018, 45 Awards Worldwide.
8. Apollyon's Gold - Released July 15, 2019. 7 Awards Worldwide.

  • Robert J. Rogers
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    Horror, Fantasy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Robert J. Rogers

Biography - Mr. Robert J. Rogers

Mr. Rogers was born on November 21, 1953 in Toledo, Ohio. With his parents and two older brothers, they lived in a small farm town in northwestern Ohio. In 1963, Mr. Rogers and his family; Mom was a fourth grade school teacher, Dad was a V.P. of Finance for a manufacturing plant, moved to Sandusky, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. While at Sandusky High School, Mr. Rogers sang in the choir, played trombone in the marching, dance and concert band. Threw discus on the track team. And played Dixieland music in the summers at Cedar Point amusement park. During his senior year, Mr. Rogers had an exceptional English teacher who taught him how to write. And write he did.

After his freshman year at Ohio State University, he began writing term papers for other students. Fifty dollars. A thousand words. Any subject except the sciences. And he could finish in under an hour. He helped several students graduate, one of which won an award.

After college Mr. Rogers took a hotel catering job at a conference center outside St, Charles, Illinois. Years later he was V.P. of Marketing teaching from a sales manual he wrote for a firm in Los Angeles. Mr. Rogers meteoric rise was well deserved. But there was a price to pay for his success, and that fee was his health.

In 1990 he received a double kidney/pancreas transplant at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. Shortly thereafter Mr. Rogers discovered the surgeons at DUMC made a mistake for all the wrong reasons thus killing his kidney. After decades of countless surgeries, transfusions, and hemodialysis, he received a second kidney at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. This second transplant killed his pancreas making him diabetic again. While convalescing, he taught himself how to write screenplays. To date, his seven features and one short have garnered over 275 prestigious awards worldwide. His seventh feature, "Apollyon's Gold", will be out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


1. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Boobs and Blood International Film Festival -

2. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - Horror/Thriller - 2019 Page Turner Screenplay Competition -

3. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Queen Palm International Film Festival - Palm Springs, California.

4. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 White Unicorn International Film Festival -

5. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2019 Twin Falls SANDWICHES Film Festival - Idaho.

6. WINNER - Best Feature Script - 2019 BLOODSTAINED Indie Film Festival - Tokyo, Japan.

7. WINNER - Best Feature Script - 2019 North American Film Awards, Los Angeles, California.

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Writer Statement

There are three (3) things you must understand about writing. First, don't start until you know your finish. Second, great story-telling requires patience, perseverance, and dedication. And third, know that your " best work is your next work".

Good luck. Take care. Cherish time.

R. J. Rogers...