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Dasy Robinson and James Adams are two young energic individuals who are best friends but also secretly love one another. They get aboard TITANIC2 , a new majestic ship designed by mr. Thomas Andrew. Here they will embrace their love and passion, however they' ll find themselves in a dangerous spot as they have to risk it all to save the ship from two ICE criminal agents, who threaten the safety of the boat and have their sights set on the Heart of the ocean blue diamond.

  • Felice Sibilano
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    Romance, Drama, Adventure
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  • L' Aquila Horror Film Festival
    L' Aquila , Italy
    November 25, 2016
    Best short film (won by the director Andrea Epifani, I was the main character in his short film ''Rape 'n' woods'')
Writer Biography - Felice Sibilano

Felice Sibilano is an actor who was born in Italy on May 1st 1996. He's acted both on stage and on camera, he was both Antipholus of Ephesus and the guard in Shakespeare's "The Comedy Of Errors" . He was part of many short films shot in Bristol , one of these "Raven's gate" was screened in a local theatre.
He played the role of Aidan in "Nathan's book" , a feature short film telling the touching story of two brothers taking care of their sick mother.
Felice has his head and heart set on Hollywood and is full of amazing film ideas he'd like to realise.
Felice is also a singer who writes his own songs, amongst these we can remember ''It's Summer for all'', ''Christmas Eve'' and ''Christmas Eve v. 2 (with the rap part)'' , ''Play my Life'' , ''Be mine tonight'' and ''Hold me this tight'' . This latter is in his mind the main song of ''TITANIC 2 (TIITANIC)'', a film written by Felice.

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''Never give up on your dreams! It' s never too late to make them come true! You' re the master of your fate!''