LAS VIRGENES is a short narrative, gynae-horror, film depicting the story of four girlfriends, in their early twenties, who have all kept a pact of virginity, except one. Our story details the sisterhood of Luna and her best friends, Lupe, Andi and Esmi, and what happens when they use their devotion to an ancient deity to validate their twisted perception of faith and love.
When Luna falls prey to a young man’s seduction, her friends warn her to be wary of his presence and are, ultimately, validated when they discover he has been hiding a part of his life from Luna. This results in several secrets coming to light about Luna’s betrayal and what she must do to redeem herself and the bond between her chosen sisters.
The girls seek out The Virgin Mary for spiritual guidance, then move to a more ancient entity, to act as judge, jury, and executioner, when their honor becomes defiled. Through a radical inversion of The Virgin’s life-giving power, the four lead characters use that sacred strength to commit the ultimate sin.

  • Carmona Rivera
  • Carmona Rivera
  • Jennifer Bracy
  • Carmona Rivera
  • Cole Wilborn
  • Mayra Zamora
  • Josianne Salcido
    Key Cast
    "Luna Carmona"
  • Victoria Aguilar
    Key Cast
    "Lupe (Guadalupe) Zamora"
  • Gibssen Ramos
    Key Cast
    "Esmi (Esmerelda) Rodriguez"
  • Graysen Ramos
    Key Cast
    "Andi (Andrea) Rodriguez"
  • Ermalinda Chavarria
    Key Cast
    "Abuela Carmona"
  • Joe Adame
    Key Cast
    "Abuelo Carmona"
  • Johann Fitch
    Key Cast
  • Selina Futrell
    Key Cast
    "Dahlia Carmona"
  • Betty Luz Salmon
    Key Cast
    "Rosa (Lupe's Mother)"
  • Jeanette Pina
    Key Cast
    "Yvonne (Twin's Mother)"
  • Jorge Otero
    Key Cast
  • Christina Gonzalez
    Key Cast
    "Lupe Sibling - Twin 1"
  • Lourdes Michelle Sosa
    Key Cast
    "Lupe Sibling - Twin 2"
  • Christian Tecero
    Key Cast
    "Lupe Sibling #3"
  • Christopher Rivera
    Key Cast
  • Ruben Solis
    Key Cast
    "Worker 1"
  • Oneida C. Maldonado
    Key Cast
    "Restaurant Worker #1"
  • Mayra V. Zamora
    Key Cast
    "Restaurant Worker #2"
  • Ian Philo
    Key Cast
    "Restaurant Patron #1"
  • Ricardo Garza
    Key Cast
    "Restaurant Patron #2"
  • Jason Futrell
    Key Cast
    "Creepy Guy"
  • Aryanna Gil
    Key Cast
    "Mateo's Fiancé"
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Drama, GynaeHorror
  • Runtime:
    25 minutes
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
    English, Spanish
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Carmona Rivera

Carmona was born in Corpus Christi and raised in Bishop, Texas. In 2016, Carmona received her Bachelor's Degree in Art from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. After graduating, Carmona worked as a freelance videographer and started her career as an independent writer and filmmaker. Carmona is the founder of the film collective, Pomegranate Vision and has, now, independently produced, written, directed, and edited three short films; the short films have premiered in Texas and Mexico.

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Director Statement

LAS VIRGENES challenges patriarchy by taking the tools of sexual repression and remaking them into ones of female empowerment. I was inspired to create a story about four Latina girlfriends in their late teens, who have all managed to avoid any sexual activity; in order to devote themselves to a higher power and take pride in their chastity.

In this original screenplay based on the experiences of local Texicana film artist, Carmona Rivera, audiences will see an inversion of traditional Catholic thinking regarding virginity and the chaste Latina.

Today, we live in a golden age of storytelling where a story of female empowerment that overturns ancient symbols of femininity to create modern stories of the female psyche will resonate with generations of womxn seeking representation in media.