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The Unexpected Synopsis

Set at the backdrops of Durban in Kwazulu-Natal, four families go through life trying to put pieces of their lives together as the unexpected things happen in their life and create a chain reaction of events that trigger changes in their lives

Tirado (played by Lindokuhle Msomi), is a young talented dancer who fled his hometown to the city of Durban with his two sisters Amanda (play by Thandeka Melissa Dlamini), and Siza (played by Nokuzola Ntshangase) following the death of their parents. Seeking protection from the people that murdered his parents, Tirado then reached out to Donny (played by Taiwo Kazeem), a wealthy foreigner who is well connected to the underground world and operates many questionable businesses, accepted to protect him and his two sisters. However, Tirado was unwittingly lured into Donny's dirty deals. This is something Tirado finds extremely difficult to do, thus putting him under severe pressure as Donny and his boys seek to capture him for failing to deliver a package to one of Donny’s clients. Tirado is now on the run, and that puts his life and that of his sisters in great danger.

Mr. Jones Family (played by David Louw), Mrs. Jones, (played by Olivia Reynolds), and Anita (played by Rio Notra Segal), are typical 'white family' that enjoys the best things that life has to offer to the fullest. The family has a housekeeper Zanele (played by Minnie Hadebe), who comes from a township family. The Jones family has accepted Zanele as part of the family and has supported her through thick and thin, and from which she has learned a lot. This is why Zanele is able to keep some of the Jones family secrets, as well as, preserve her job with the Jones Family. But as the saying goes, ‘you can’t keep a secret forever, sooner or later, it will eventually reveal itself.’

Zanele's Family is one of the interesting black families in the movie. Zanele has three sisters Nonhle (played by Nosipho Zanele Khumayo), Noliswe (S'bogimpilo Sikhosana), and Minenhle (played by Nomkhosi Mbatha). The girls live with their sick mother (played by Xoli Mzizi), who constantly needs attention every day from the girls. The family narrative in this movie is a representation of what most South African black families go through in the townships around Durban. Zanele, being the eldest of the four girls, tries so hard to keep her family together with the little wages she earns from her waitressing job in a restaurant and housekeeping job with the Jones family. Sadly, her younger sister Nonhle keeps adding to the family anguishes with her ‘Slay Queen’ wannabe behaviors. She’s often seen in nightclubs and parties. Nonhle dates boys and men with cars (blessers). As such, she sees herself as being more exposed to some quality lifestyle compared to her other siblings. She does little to care for her sick mother or support her family. While these events unfold in the movie, Zanele’s mother's health continues to deteriorate and that puts a huge strain on the family. Zanele’s mother can neither work nor support herself, she completely relies on her four daughters for any assistance. Despite Zanele’s family issues and the financial constraints the family experiences, she suddenly quits her job with Mr. Jones' family, her major source. This is when things take different unexpected turns, as the family fights for survival.

Mr. Michael’s family (played Nicholas Ablett), Mrs. Michael, (played by Talia Guo), Angela (played by Zama Gumbie), and Johnny (played by Bryon Wesley McNeil), is a South African ‘coloured family’. The plot of this family attempt to address gross domestic violence. Mr. Michaels’s family story exposes the atrocities of gender-based violence, which is a major societal issue that is often contested. Especially, the abuse of teenage girls within the family settings that are often neglected or swept under the carpet, either to preserve the family name or to protect the legacy. A teenage girl Angela, is seen constantly abused sexually by her stepfather Mr. Michael, who takes advantage of her based on the fact that he kept her under his roof, feeds, clothes, and pays her school fees. Angela’s mother is consumed by her love for her husband Michael, so she seldom pays attention to Angela her only daughter. This made Angela feel abandoned as she’s unable to access her mother when she wants to speak up about her sexual abuse from her stepfather Mr. Michael. Being aware that spilling the truth will hurt her precious mother, jeopardize her family bonds, lose her privileges of going to school, and have a roof over her head. Angela battles depression as she often contemplates how to break free from the shackles of Mr. Michael’s sexual harassment, regain her dignity, and find peace of mind. Angela seeking for answers and ways to spill the truth drives this family narrative.

The unexpected is a story that attempts to portray real-life challenges many families face and how they are able to navigate through these challenges propels the narrative of "The Unexpected". It also embodies the idea of a rainbow nation with its diverse cast from different nationalities and races. Furthermore, the movie seeks to expose raw talents from Durban and around KwaZulu-Natal to a global audience. The movie is set up in real-time and depicts real-life events. The locations used in this movie are real locations, set at the backdrops of the Durban Central Districts, suburbs like Musgrave, the Durban North, which also shows the different classes of different people in Durban, and in Township such as KwaMashu.

From the stable of AM. Visual Productions.

Story by Lindokuhle Msomi
Produced by Augustine Michelle
Co-produced by Taiwo Kazeem
Directed by Lehlongolo Moropane (King Shaft).
Executive produced by Augustine Michelle

  • Lehlongolo (King Shaft) Moropane
  • Lindokuhle Msomi
  • Michelle Augustine
  • Taiwo Kazeem
  • Bryan McNeil
    Key Cast
    Etv's Imbewu The Seed
  • Akona Ndlovu
    Key Cast
    MzanziMagic's Diep City
  • Khaynisela Goodenough
    Key Cast
    Etv's DurbanGen & BET's Red Tap
  • Kazeem Taiwo
    Key Cast
    Etv's Imbewu the Seed
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 2 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    April 13, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    20,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    South Africa
  • Country of Filming:
    South Africa
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Lehlongolo (King Shaft) Moropane