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Amid and Aida are siblings. Amid is 10 years old and Aida is 6 years of age. They were shifted to Dhaka having lost all they had at the time of cyclone. These two siblings bereft of parents were brought up in the streets. The story of the uncertain life of two younger siblings after the sudden death of their parents which was caused by global warming.

  • Zafor Firoze
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    ঘুড়ি (GHURI)
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  • Berlin International art film festival
    January 17, 2022
    Best Screenplay
Writer Biography - Zafor Firoze

Zafor Firoze is a Bangladeshi filmmaker and television personality. He made his directorial debut with the Durbeen(2009). It is the first digital children film released in Bangladesh. He is a writer, director and producer. He has a M.A. in film from the LimKokWing University Malaysia and PhD in Film Studies. He is active in digital filmmaking with films, commercials and documentary films. He is media and Communication director for Commonwealth Youth Innovation hub. He is involved in so many social organizations. He wants to put a smile on people's faces.

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Writer Statement

I Wrote this story from my experience. It’s a true story. The story based on my father. On November 12, 1970, a devastating cyclone causing tidal wave killed more than one million people living in the coastal region. At that time many families of my village were wiped out. Many family lost their relatives, parents and siblings and became destitute. One of my sisters got lost in that tidal wave. She was the only child of my father.
None of us were born then. Till I grew up I saw my father visiting different places to look for my lost sister. Whenever he heard that a girl was found in a certain place; My father used to run to that place. I still feel Dad is waiting for his lost daughter. I have realised how much that tidal wave has affected our family. In this story I have tried to bring up how a beautifully arranged family is destroyed due to a natural disaster.