Trojan Horse International Film Festival aims to encourage young and new film makers who are expected to contribute to the development of their national cinemas; to introduce short movies of different cultures to the audience; to improve intercultural communication through films; to motivate the production of short films; to help short films of various genres and themes to reach as many viewers as possible; to build a high-quality platform to allow for discussions about cinema by organizing workshops, interviews, and panels with competent professionals within the framework of a festival; and to contribute to the promotion of Çanakkale as a cultural brand.
Bu yıl üçüncüsü düzenlenecek olan Uluslararası Truva Atı Kısa Film Festivali, ülke sinemasının gelişimine katkı sağlayacak yeni sinemacıları teşvik etmek, farklı kültürlerden gelen kısa filmleri seyirciye ulaştırmak, festival aracılığıyla uluslararası kültürel diyaloğu geliştirmek, kısa filmlerin yapımını özendirmek, farklı tür ve temalı kısa filmleri mümkün olabildiğince daha çok izleyiciye ulaşmasını sağlamak, bir festival kültürü içerisinde alanında yetkin profesyoneller ile atölyeler, söyleşi ve paneller düzenleyerek sinemanın tartışılacağı nitelikli bir platformu sağlamak, festival aracılığı ile Çanakkale’nin kültürel bir marka olarak tanınırlığına katkı sağlamak festivalin temel amaçları arasındadır.

International Category

First Prize 1000$
Second Prize 750$
Third Prize 500$



-There are no restrictions as to the themes and genres in the competition. This year’s organization is to be organized by the Faculty of Communication at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ hereinafter).
-Participants must be 18 years or older. Applications under 18 years of age will be disqualified.
-Application fees will not be refunded. Responsibility for the wrong applications belongs to the participant.
-The deadline for submission is September 1, 2019.
-The wet ink-signed submission form and Participation Specifications must be submitted via e-mail (scanned copy).
Only films that have won the competition and will be screened must send wet signed copies by post.
-The festival will be held on 4-5-6 December 2019, and venue, time and jury members will be provided on the program.

-The participant films are required to be subtitled in English.

-Only films produced in 2019 are allowed to participate in the festival.

-The films are required to be of minimum 5-minute or maximum 20-minute running time.
-Trojan Horse Short Film Festival is not responsible for broken or non-functioning films.

-Competitors can apply only with a single work. The submitted work must not have previously participated in the INTERNATIONAL TRUVA ATI SHORT FILM FESTIVAL.

-The correspondence address is and the decisions will be announced on the same website and FilmFreeway.


-Judging comprises two steps, pre-selection and final judgment. During pre-selection, the submitted films shall be checked for meeting the submission terms and conditions. Any film which fails to satisfy any of the terms and conditions will be disqualified.

-The jury will consider cinematographic features, such as script, shooting, light, sound and the like, and the cohesion of the film’s cinematographic narration with form and content.

-The 10 films which receive the highest score from the jury will be declared the Festival Finalists and the top three films will be awarded.


-“Submission Form” filled in and signed by the participant,
-“Participation Specifications” signed by the participant,


-All the facts provided in the form are binding for the signatory. An applicant inaccessible due to wrong and/or lacking information shall claim no right.
-If the film is made by team, a team member (a spokesperson) will sign the specifications and the submission form. The award is presented to the signatory person, i.e. the spokesperson.
-The participants undertake that they own the intellectual property rights of the work and have all the rights to present the work and to transfer the intellectual property rights thereof.
-The participants acknowledge and undertake that they are the actual/original producer of the work and/or are the actual/original owners of any kind of rights (be they original/recognized or transferred) arising from the Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works (Law no. 5846).
--They hold any right to present the work and to assign and transfer the intellectual property rights thereof,
--A third party has not violated the intellectual property rights (copyright, patent, brand, etc.),
--The work does not violate the confidentiality rights and the principle of publicity of any person (dead or alive).
--The work’s content does not violate the Turkish Penal Code, the Law no. 5651 and any effective legislation, and it contains no elements to be construed as a misdemeanor or felony,
--The work does not violate individual or property rights of a real or legal person by any other means.
--The agreements on the copyrights of the used scores shall be submitted to the festival committee.
-In the event that any copyright-infringing criminal matter is detected later on, the Faculty of Communication at ÇOMÜ shall not be held liable for these likely infringements. Any work shall be disqualified from the competition in the event of an infringement of copyrights and other intellectual property rights or any other legal violation. The award shall be reclaimed from the author if and when the violation is ascertained after the competition.
-Films sent to the International Trojan Horse Short Film Festival competition, can be shown in the activities of the festival without the commercial purpose by using the name of the owner. In addition, small sections and / or fragments to be taken from these films may be published in different media such as television, radio and internet for the purpose of promoting the festival.The conditions in this article shall be accepted by the participants
The Faculty of Communication at ÇOMÜ shall reserve the right to exclude any film(s) from the competition in the event that the competition rules and conditions are violated or due to a similar and equivalent cause or suspicion.
-In the event that the submitted work is similar to or the same as one of the other submitted works, the Faculty of Communication at ÇOMÜ shall not assume the liability to account for this issue and to inform the participants thereabout.
-If and when the submitted work has already been communicated to the public, or is communicted later on with the consent and permission of the participant(s), and/or it has been disclosed to third parties thanks to the due authorization of the participant(s) or without confidentiality liability, then the Faculty of Communication at ÇOMÜ acknowledges that it assumes no liability.

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