In 1985, Harriet is a lost soul living off the dole. She’s living in New York City where she moved after college. Her parents consider her a failure because she is not married and has no job prospects. What she is, who she is? She has no idea. She knows only that she does not want to live a conventional, meaning suffocating, life. As a result of parental pressure to get a job, combined with an inner compass that drives her toward The Weird, she finds work with a company that produces pornographic novels. She, who has no writing experience, is hired as a writer. Quota is a book and a quarter a week. A book is 180 pages. That means “225 pages per week, 45 pages per day, 40 lines to a page, 10 words to a line, 200 lines per hour.” The Porno Factory is the story of Harriet’s experience in this strange world, a world peopled with colorful characters.

  • Loren Beth Hecht
  • Project Type:
    Television Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography - Loren Beth Hecht

Loren Hecht is a writer and a cabaret style singer. She lives in the United States.

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