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THE PEACERUNNER - Keep Clean and Run for Peace

“The Peacerunner” is the result of the sixth edition of the project “Keep Clean and Run”. As the title suggests, the initiative provides the combination of running and cleaning-up actions – a sport activity called “plogging”.
Since years, Roberto Cavallo runs along Italy, from North to South, carrying on a strong message and an important question: what are the footprints we are leaving on our planet?
Since 2015, almost 250 tons of waste have been collected and 15,000 people have been actively involved. An alarming quantity of waste which has been collected from the streets thanks to the participants who followed Roberto in this mission.
2020 edition, for the first time, assumed the name of Keep Clean and Run for Peace, incorporating the peace message spread by Don Pino de Masi, who says «a clean place is in Peace, a dirty place is in war». Therefore, in addition to the collect of abandoned waste on the way, KCR became the occasion to think about the value of peace.
Along the territories of the First World War, from Cortina d’Ampezzo to Trieste, in collaboration with the director Diego Zicchetti, Roberto felt the necessity to communicate the strong emotions he experienced. “The Peacerunner”, co-produced by Gruppo Icaro and AICA, it is the result of steep slopes, witnesses, and meetings on the sights of the Great War.
Places that go through generations. Roberto starts from his home, in Alba (Piedmont). The first stage of every journey begins with a family warm greeting: dad Oreste and mum Anna Maria remind him that along his path he is also going to arrive in Gradisca, where grandpa Remigio did his military service during First World War period. By taking back the photos and the recorded voice of his grandpa, all contained in a box of memories, Roberto impresses those images, and he carries them with him during this experience.
From Cortina d’Ampezzo to Trieste, seven days of run crossing Italian-Slovenian borders. «I run. Struggled. Sweated. Bent over to pick up the waste. I talked to kids, teens, and adults. I spoke about a different future. Cleaner, more in peace». Roberto does not miss the chance to raise awareness about the waste he finds on his way and he gets to know the place through the eyes of the people. Even in a territory which seems clean, as the mountain one, the environment has to face the discarded litter. Every abandoned waste, he reminds that, could become a resource because it can be processed in the recycling system.
The documentary traces these sights, scenes of the First World War, and it proposes a journey among the past and the future. Roberto’s personal story and grandpa’s Remigio memories are all combined to the evocative buildings, monuments, and mountains. Mountains that welcomed the soldiers, hidden in the trenches, expecting the enemy. Mountains that tell a story about a war that ended an age ago and about peace that should be achieved for the environment, giving back the beauty of these territories, and the echo of the history – it must be honoured in memory of those who gave their life there.
Roberto believes in that. «This story can’t and don’t have to remain only in my mind and in those who were there. It can and it must become universal». The documentary ends in front of the sea horizon: from mountains to sea, following the same path taken by the waste item during the degradation process. Roberto is welcomed by his teamwork at Mole Audace, in Trieste, where in 1918 the first ship with the Italian flag landed. It closes with this forward-looking image, remembering the past of Italy, of his family and all Italians, who are now involved in a new challenge for peace. A challenge for a clean place. By walking or running, to leave the footprints of a humanity that cherishes the environment.

  • Diego Zicchetti
  • Roberto Cavallo
  • Emanuela Rosio
  • Diego Zicchetti
  • Gruppo ICARO
  • AICA
  • Roberto Cavallo
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    THE PEACERUNNER - Keep Clean and Run for Peace
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Feature
  • Runtime:
    54 minutes 30 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 2, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
    Italy, Slovenia
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  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Diego Zicchetti

Sono nato nel 1979, dal 2007 lavoro nel Gruppo Icaro di Rimini che comprende una tv (Icaro TV), una radio (Radio Icaro) un sito d'informazione ( e una società di videoproduzioni (Bottega Video). Ho fatto della mia passione il mio lavoro.

Alcune mie produzioni:
- Giovanni Pascoli, l’ultima passeggiata (Documentario autoprodotto, 60 minuti – 2012)
- Conquiste. Qualcosa sulla musica qui da noi (Documentario autoprodotto, 80 minuti – 2014)
- Una fame che ci vedo (Documentario, 50 minuti per Tv2000, 2014)
- Evance e Francesco. Piccolo Fratello incontra il Papa (Documentario, 23 minuti per Tv2000, 2015)
- Love story (Cortometraggio animato in stopmotion – 2016)
- La colazione del maestro (Sigla in stop motion e animazione per Amarcort 2016 – 2016)
- Mal di Plastica (Documentario autoprodotto, 28 minuti – 2019)

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