A bungling, young secret agent defeats the nemesis of her famous mother, saving a wonderous island and its mystical creatures in the process.

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    Animation, comedy
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    United Kingdom
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  • Quarter Finalist - Wiki Screenplay Competition
    Wiki - Los Angeles
    November 17, 2022
    Quarter Finalist
Writer Biography

Short Bio

Following my childhood in London, I began entertaining at 16 years old on Radio and in the NAAFI whilst in the Royal Air Force.

I continued to perform while spending twenty years in the Metropolitan Police Service, where I received commendations from The Commissioner of Police, Old Bailey Judges and the Sheriff of London, etc. for covert work.

Which I reluctantly mention to highlight a rich eclectic history from which to draw inspiration, factuality and realism.

I am honoured that a US Oscar film Winning Actor, Best Supporting Actress and actor from Harry Potter, Walking with The Ferryman and Nox, etc. have stated they would like to be associated with one of my TV Drama screenplays, and...

A James Bond Villain from the movie, NO TIME TO DIE, has requested to be attached to a particular character in the screenplay, while…

A BRITS attendee and BBC Radio up-and-coming artiste expressed her wish to have a piece she has composed, considered for the Theme Tune, as she enjoyed reading it so much.

I am so honoured that this calibre of lovely industry professional are interested in my work.

Guest - Screenwriter Awards, Paramount Studios, LA
& at LA Studios (4 years running)
Guest - Cannes Film Festival
WINNER - Screenwriting Goldmine Competition
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Wiki Screenwriting Competition
FINALIST - ScreenCraft, Inroads, Hammond House Literary Competition, Filmmatic Screenplay Awards, Page Turner Screenplays, Hollywood Comedy Shorts, etc.
LAURELS - AFF, ISA Fellowship, Page Turner, Creative Screenwriting, Wiki, Inroads, etc.

Thank you for your very kind time and consideration.

Kindest regards.


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Writer Statement

I am so incredibly grateful and humbled to have had the wondrous gift of natural communication.

I revel in the joy of delivering narratives conjured up from the recesses of my subconscious or factual tales that are entertaining, thought provoking and invoke a myriad of emotions in the audience.

I cherish this wonderful gift and will strive every day of my life to perfect it.