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In India, though industrialisation promised development for the many, but consequently the increased wealth has gone to the hands of a few. Because of lopsided development the disparity between the rich and poor has increased phenomenally high. The land acquisition for industries have forced majority of people to live in misery. They are loosing their ancestral land, livelihood and everything forever.
This social issue based film depicts the horrific consequences of rapid industrialisation by analysing some case studies. Major concerns like, tribal land rights, displacement and unemployment issues are also highlighted.
The film is narrated from the perspective of protagonist
Mr. Mayadhar Nayak, a great social thinker, a prolific writer and a revolutionary trade union leader, who worked with these issues for more than 5 decades of his life.
Finally, his invaluable theory ‘Land-to let’ shows an alternative solution to the complex issue of land acquisition. This theory includes the common people in the process of development. With the growth of the industry, the individuals who have given the piece of land as the foundation can also grow.

  • shibu prusty
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    1 hour 1 minute
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    August 14, 2019
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    30,000 USD
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Director Biography - shibu prusty

Shibu Prusty is a National film awarded Indian filmmaker; for his film ‘THE LORD OF THE UNIVERSE’ as best arts & cultural film in 2017. As a producer & director he got two ‘Silver Lotus’ from the honorable president of India.
He was born on 17th Oct. 1981.
He loves to express the idea through the medium of cinema.
His visual sense develop from childhood by seeing own father's paintings.
So painting became his hobby, later at the time of marine engineering study, he interested about filmmaking and chooses cinematography as his career in BPFTIO, Cuttack. So he is a blend of art and technology like the cinema itself is.
After 3 yrs. study (2000-2003) in cinematography, he begins his career in Mumbai Film industry.
Since last 16 yrs. he has been working with different production houses and associated in 12 feature films, 5 short films, 27 TV commercials and 25 corporate films.
- Master in Journalism and mass communication.
- Diploma in cinematography (2000-2003) from BPFTIO.

- THE LORD OF THE UNIVERSE (55 min, Documentary for Raw age movies)
(Won National film award as best art and cultural film in 2017)
- Love creates Life (5 min., Short film for Raw age movies)
- Monkey funky (3 min, Short film for Raw age movies)
- Skilled-in-Odisha (12 min, A film for Govt. of Odisha)
- The Motherland (61 min.) A feature documentary for Udra Productions

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Director Statement

I believe that cinema is the fusion of all forms of art and science. It’s beautiful when it relates with actual facts and touches the viewer’s imagination.
‘THE MOTHERLAND’ is based on true facts & real characters. Shot in a very adverse conditions with life risking challenges. This film raises major issues of displacement caused by the industrialization and suggested a solution towards the inclusive development.
Basically this film shows 2 facts,
1) Kalinganagar land acquisition issue at district Jajpur, Odisha, India.
2) Jagatsinghpur POSKO land acquisition issue. (In the film called as South Korean Company)
These incidents are well known and captured by the press media exclusively, you can check in Internet. (The film itself covers factual proofs.)
The protagonist Mr. Mayadhar Nayak, who is involved in this issue for 5 decades of his life and his vision 'LAND-to let' is shown in the conclusion. You can check his website below link.
Neither this film intends to blame or hurt anybody, any organization or any community. Intention of this film is to find an alternative solution of the problems shown. We have tried to capture and shown the ground reality in the process of land acquisition for industrialization.
As a filmmaker I think, it is important to raise the voice of farmers/land owners, laborers and the indigenous people who are the real backbone of a nation.

Following are some links, of factual proof.