This is the Festival for filmakers with production for kids, we want to show your talent in all around the world.

The Kids Festival reward filmmakers creators of all kinds of projects that include cinema at its most kids version. That is why we will take into account the works of any country and in any language and of any length with the prerequisite to be treated as works of children subject and or youth people.

If you do not pay the Rights of the Acreditation this means you don not want continue your process in the festival, in this case your film will be descalificated of the festival.

The Kids Festival aims to promote the film world with special emphasis on talent from anywhere in the world, national, cultural, etc ... that have done work aimed at children and adolescents primarily and have a primarily educational, cultural base, transmitting social message, etc ...

Our goal is to reward best practices related to the world of children's films works where we will accommodate all countries of the world , thereby transmitting the different ways of filmmaking always aimed at younger audiences.

Please, read the rules before participating in the festival, you can find in

This festival does not accept films that have used wild animals in their productions or have mistreated animals in their productions.

Besides The Kids Festival supports Faada Foundation for the protection of nature and animals, which is why we care so much respect for animals in audiovisual productions in our bases, and jobs that do not comply with this rule will not be accepted scrupulous and bluntly.

The kids Festival contest receives its work across different platforms cinema, that encouraging a much more environmentally friendly and responsible system also working with systems that meet efficiently the Code of Ethic that you can find in

This festival is adhered to the Code of Ethics system,