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Messiah (Nick Denbeigh) and Athena Kason (Emma Loughran) took a vacation with their childhood friends to L.A. Everything seems fun. Until, they had an invasion from the biggest Cartel in L.A. Little do they know is that they messed with the wrong group of friends. Both Messiah and Athena is going to put their fighting skills to the test to get revenge for their friends. They will stop at nothing until everyone in the Cartel is dead. Same with the cartel, the ringleader (Thomas Ian Griffith) of the cartel will stop at nothing until Messiah and Athena are dead. They saw their face and they killed the ringleader son (Chris Olivero).

  • Nicole Johnson
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    Action, Thriller, Crime
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Nicole Johnson

I am a student at a community college, majoring in Physical Therapy in Anne Arundel County. However, I am looking to also study Screenwriting for movies and TV shows. I have a big imagination. Sometimes, out of nowhwere when I watch movies/shows, work, go to school, eat, listen to music or about to go to sleep. I could just start creating and picturing movie ideas and the people that I want to play the characters in my head. In fact, the majority of ideas that I create and picture in my head, turns out to be GREAT, well to me that is. Moreover, I never thought that I could actually sit down to write a script. Then, out of nowhere I thought of three movie ideas and one show idea. I wrote, four synopsis for all four of my ideas (SPRING BREAK TERROR, TAKEN BOTH WAYS, MODELS/YOUTUBERS/AND MANY MORE, and THE KASON'S), but one I only wrote a script for. It's pretty funny, because my last movie I thought of was actually the one I created a script for. Since, I created a script for my last movie idea called "The KASON'S" I would like for my movie idea to be turn into an actual movie with the characters listed on my script. OH YEA, I am thinking of other movie/tv show ideas. For example, ASSASSINATION OF THE SPOUSE'S (Still deciding if I want this to be a Movie or a Tv Show), Remake of The Parent Trap movie, Remakes of The Buffy the vampire slayer and Walker, Texas Ranger show, THE HALT'S FAMILY (Movie), and plenty more. I also, would like to make some lifetime movies.

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Writer Statement

If any producers/agents/managers would like to take a chance with me on my Creative Spectacular Vision, I absolutely, positively know that whoever helps/works with me will be filled with suprises and interests each time. In fact, I would keep you and the audience wanting more, more, and more.