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“Who cares if it’s true? It’s the movies!” Art director Matt Lyner is the hero of his own Hollywood story.

He just bought his dream house, landed the perfect job with legendary production designer, J.P. Van Dyke, and met Kate, the girl of his dreams, who grew up in his house. She tells him her ghost story and together they discover a 50-year, unsolved murder of the architect who designed their home.

The new science of genetic genealogy and the ancient psychic arts reveal Matt’s boss is the killer!

Matt’s loyalty to Van Dyke demands that he cover up the secret. Exposing him will cost Matt his job and maybe his life. Ghosts, psychics, and DNA analysis all force Van Dyke to accept his buried truth. After living an exemplary life since committing his crime, he finally confronts his hidden nightmare: “Life’s a hell of a thing…”

“You spend your first 20 years learning how to live… and the last 20 years learning how to die.”

  • Bruce Gibeson
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    Drama, Crime
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Bruce Gibeson

BIO: After 20 years as a motion picture and TV set decorator, I started a production company to write and produce media for DARPA; the inventors of the Internet, GPS, and all the technology which supports and governs our lives today. That association yielded true stories that sound like science fiction. This is one of those stories.

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