TANZAHOi is an international dance festival hosted for the first time in Hamburg in 2018. We are extending our realms to the dancefilm. TANZAHOi International Dance Film Festival wants to show excelent dancefilms and bring film directors, producers, choreographers, dancers and audience together.

Due to the pandemic Tanzahoi - International Dancefilm Festival will take place online. The festival organisation will select the film for screening by the end of august. The five most seen films will be screened in Hamburg Metropolis Kino in 2021. From the 4th to the 6th of September 2020 the festival will invite the directors to present their film live online on www.tanzahoi.com. We will provide a platform for audience and directors to communicate and interact after the presentation.

The five most seen films will be shown in Metropolis Kino in Hamburg in 2021. The directors will be invited to present their films and be part of the network of Tanzahoi International Dancefilm Festival.

1.The films selected for the screening will be selected by the festival organisation. To enter the competition the film have to:

* Have Full HD (1920x1080) definition.
* Have been completed between january 2018 to august 2020.
* Have a length from at least 5 minutes to 48 minutes at the maximum.

2. In case that the film has dialog, it should be subtitled in english. The film will be shown in the original lenguaje.

3. The films participating in the competition will be shown up to two times. The winners up to three times.

4. The directors have to be present at at least one of the online screenings of the films and be part of a Q&A with the audience and the festival organisation.

5. Winners will be, the first five films with the most viewers at the online screenings during the complete festival.

6. The link with the final film for selection has to reach the festival on the 08.08.2020 at the latest.

7. No fee will be paid for the screening at the Metropolis Kino in Hamburg. However the directors will be invited to the screening. A compensation for accommodation and expenses is forseen. At a given time, the winners will be informed by the festival about the amount of this compensation.

8. The participants ensure that they have all the right over music, picture and that the rights of the crew and dancers have been cleared for the participation in the festival and for the screening in 2021. Tanzahoi International Dancefilm Festival will be exempt from any liability.

9. The registration to participate implies the acceptance and fulfilling the conditions written here. The festival reserves the right to make exceptions and to decide over upcoming situations not described in this regulations.

10. All films can be part of the Tanzahoi Network. If if are interested in joining us, we will inform you about the terms and conditions of it.